Replies to responses … well response

The other day I posed a question. At the time I am writing this I am responding to the sole response.
Joseph Rathjen posted:
“Well, what can I say, except that unlike the demon I have felt the true presence of God in my heart and all the good that he stands for. For years, I lived in a spiritual darkness that I knew deep down in my soul was wrong and damaging. It took some time to repent, but I finally realized that having an open and sympathetic heart, being unselfish, learning to be forgiving and unresentful made my life a lot more fulfilling.

So, I guess I can say that being born a Christian didn’t necessarily make me a Christian. Until I experienced his calling and tried to share it with others did I realize what Christianity is all about. I’m not a holy roller or a bible thumper, but I try to show other people in my life (in my own way) his way.

It’s a wicked world we live in so sometimes you have to be a little sneaky. Is that a sin, lol?”

I wouldn’t call it sneaky. I would call it honesty. “Holy rollers” and “bible thumpers” actually turn people from God or more accurately scare them from God.
Those folks are a phase in their growing in God. I can speak of this from personal experience. I would say that the first five or six year after becoming born again I turned into a “holy roller.” Why? It could be due to be so filled with the Holy Spirit that it just over flowed out of me. Since I was not well versed in the Bible and had no real mentors to turn to help me work through this filling of God’s glory that it made more overly “religious.”
Now why did I put quotation marks about that word? It is simple. Religions are the product of man seeking to please God. It is this which Jesus confronted the Pharisees about when he walked the earth. It is religion that placed Him upon the cross, but He knew this and accepted it.
True “Christians” actually should act as you finally learned. They should have an open and sympathetic heart. They should be unselfish, forgiving and unresentful for it is not our place to judge, but Gods. We are to be Jesus’ example upon this earth at this time. The key word is “example.” We are not here to judge, but to help. We are to guide them toward the light and away from sin. How do we do this? By our actions for most do not respond well to words, but when they see your actions they see what true believe in God is and so it makes them at the very least start to think.
We are to be a shining light that shows brightly upon the world. Show the difference between what is Godly and what is human. Does this make you sneaky? No. It makes you a true example of God.

I must also add that being born into a Christian household does not make you one. It is something that is the responsibly of those parents of the household to instill and teach their children, but ultimately it is these children’s own decision if they wish to live in sin or live for God. For each person is only responsible for their own life’s choices.
So again Joseph you are not being sneaky you are being the opposite. You are a walking example of Jesus Christ the Son of God who walked, talked and dined with sinners.

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