True confessions of a screwed up middle-aged man: True repentance

Recently I had a discussion with someone. I have known them for years and felt I could be honest with them and help them to understand that their path they are walking is one that may not necessarily be the correct path.
Now I wish to make this perfectly clear at the outset: I AM IN NO WAY PERFECT! I SIN! Try as I might I still stumble and fall.
They have taken the manmade doctrine of “once saved always saved” completely literally. Even though John 15 and Revelations 3 state that you can me cast away from God even after you have been joined to Him.
This person commits crimes and yet believes that they are still welcome into God’s house. I tried to get them to understand that per the above verses God will tolerate so much before He will say enough then cut your branch away and give you unto men and then be cast into the fire.
Is it because I have known this person for so long? Could it be because they hold a grudge against me that they do not wish to listen? I do not know, but most likely that is the case. What I can say is that I sincerely was trying to help this person, but I have reached the point that I will no longer try and have decided it is best I say no more.
All that is left is for me to pray upon this person from afar and hope that in time they come to realize that yes God does love them and yes He will take you as you are, but that you MUST strive to better yourself through God’s word and to try your best not to sin. Will you mess up? YES, but as long as you try not to commit the same exact sin again and again then He will allow you to stand before Him on that great day we are all called to stand before God.

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