The inner conflict

Now this is not a talk about the inner conflict that people encounter within themselves as they try to decide on how to decide on something, but it is closely related. You can use that analogy and apply it to what I am going to type here.
Within the Body of Christ which is known at the church is millions of people. All pulling in their own direction. It is this behavior that is helping to causing issues. People serving God are placing too much emphasis upon themselves and their own wants and desires and not those of God’s.
It is this which has allowed those that oppose the Bible and God to flourish and grow. They for the most part are joined in a common cause. That cause is to remove God and the Bible from the United States of America. A prime example of this took place in the 2012 Presidential election.
Many that called themselves “Christian” stayed home and did not vote. Just because they did not like that the Republican Party’s nominee was a Mormon. As a result we find this nation in dire straits and many within the “Christian” communities do nothing but complain. What actions have been made to counter these action? From what I can tell none. Why? Because this “group” refuses to work together.
Yes we are all different. Yes many of us have different images of the two political parties that exist within this nation. I myself even though Conservative no longer deem myself to be Republican, but Independent. The thing is I see no person at all in the Democratic Party that is worth supporting due to many elements I have mentioned in other posts.
Do I like how a lot of things are being done in the Republican Party? No. Yet I see a party that at least still acknowledges that there is a God. Did I like the Republican Nominee of 2012? No, but I voted for him, because I feel that until the Democratic Party returns to God they in way should receive my support or my lack of supporting the Republican Party.
This is how ALL that call themselves “Christian” should do as well. Also if they hate how things are in the political arena then they should become active and participate in the system and try to change from the inside out. Not sitting on the sidelines or being armchair politicians.
We are told in the Bible that we should be servants to our nation to be shepherds unto the earth. Yet that is not what is being done. Most go about doing only that which is important to them and not God. This means that they are only acting a part in the play of life and so this acting has allowed those that are not acting to turn this once proud nation into something that cannot be trusted throughout the world. Why? Because those that deemed this nation as evil now run it and are turning it into that for which they say we were, but now are due to them. For only evil can cause evil yet they think themselves righteous in their own eyes for they have been blinded by the lies they have been taught. Because they were not taught that which is true which is the Bible and all that is within the Bible is inspired by God the creator of all things.

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