The foundation is broken and built upon sand and the floods are destroying this nation

Within life there are many trials that all must face. As they come toward maturity it can be especially hard. What makes it even harder is when you are missing a foundation to stand upon or even foundations.
One foundation is a parent. Each is a foundation. Another foundation is the Bible for within the Bible there is teaching of what is right and wrong and how to treat your fellows.
Today’s news is filled more and more with children missing at least one if not two of this foundations. Girls stabbing another for a made up character on a computer. Teens going into schools and shooting other teens. More teens beating up teachers. Now today several black kids beating on a white girl and her five year old brother, just because they were white.
What is missing? God and the Bible is missing! Who is to blame? EVERYONE!!!
It is time for God to be returned to school and the Bible to be taught and any that opposes it should be removed from their positions. It is time to get God and the Bible back into homes. It is time for men to marry women instead of having intimate relations out of wedlock and cause unsupervised children to run around beating, stabbing and shooting others just because they feel like it.
They need a foundation and that foundation is God. The very foundation that has been torn out of this nation by those on the left. It is time to stop turning the other cheek and to stand for not only our rights but for the rights of every child that has no idea what is written in the Bible. That we are to place all others before ourselves. That we are not to look down upon others due to race or creed or nationality.
This can only be done by returning to God and by teaching the Bible EVERYWHERE! It is time to silence those that wish to silence God for all they have caused is death, bloodshed and chaos.

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