To be separate

We are told in 2 Corinthians chapter 6 to become separate from the world, yet today many “churches” welcome sin into their buildings. The most pronounced version of this was when the Presbyterian Church first renounced any affiliation with the state of Israel and in the same conference allowed gays to join their group. Notice I said “group” not “church,” because the moment the rejected the chosen people of God they turned their back upon the Bible, Jesus Christ and God. This is not separating from the world this is inviting the world into what was once a place of and for God.
We are to be an example unto the world of what is good and righteous in the site of the Lord, yet many “churches” say “come to our place of worship as you are and we as well as God will accept you as you are.” This is calling God a liar.
This is something that has been steadily growing for years. Why? Mainly due to money for they could not financially support their building. Why? Because they stopped teaching the Bible long before they publicly turned their back upon God.
Yes we are called to gather together, but we are to already be followers of God when we do so. We are not to invite those that openly sin into our midst for it will weaken us over time as it has done. It clearly states that when we gather we are to give support and strengthen each other. Why do this if we are already children of God? Because we can fall astray and even fall away from God no longer bearing fruit or even become false visions of Christianity (John 15, Revelation 3). Which is exactly what many if not most in today’s Christendom have become. Why? Because they no longer separating themselves from the world but welcome it into their “churches.”
I highly recommend that people re-read or if they never have read (which I think is a possibility) Revelation chapter 2 and 3 which covers the seven churches or styles of churches as it applies to today’s “churches” and seriously compare them to the churches they are in and see if they see any resembles to their own “church.” If they see any that are called wrong by Jesus then they should leave that group and find a new and true church home.

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