The moon, proof there is a God

I was watching one of these science shows the other day and one of the theorist said it was mere chance the moon is set exactly where it needs to be for it to block the sun perfectly time to time. I usually laugh when these theorist spout their conjecture but this time it just made me mad.
People need to realize the people on these shows are simply stating their idea of what is happening. Now I will admit they have certain evidences to support some of their theories, but some are really really out there and have no true evidence to support them.
An excellent example are dinosaurs. For over a hundred years they theorized that dinosaur tails dragged the ground. Yet no footprints supported this hypothesis. Then some other science came out which showed with certainty that their tail bones went in a straight not a curving line and so that theory died and was replaced with one of the few facts that we do have about an animal that has been dead for a long time.
This is how most astronomical science is, more theory then fact. That is how it is for the moon as well. When you take the size of the universe and say it was “mere chance” that the moon obits this planet at the exact point needed to block the sun and earth to block the sun from the moon are astronomical. A planet that just by “chance” has intelligent live upon it just adds to how astronomical the odds are that this is “mere chance.”
Now some would say is this the only planet in the entire universe to have a moon and sun just like this? I have no true answer to that question. Why? Because that takes in play millions of factors that not even so call “experts” can answer, yet they go about parading as if they are the be all end all authority. It is when people allow these folks to gain such stature that other important facts become lost in the flood of confusion these people spout out as if they no without a doubt that what they say is fact when it is nothing but an idea given weight by a few facts, yet not enough facts to prove them right at this time.
These are false teachers and should either be ignored at the most or have their ideas questioned at the least.
When you look upon the orbit of the moon and its placement in your sky that is pure proof that this entire universe was created by God and that on this planet He placed humans upon. To see the signs in the heaven and to know that by them God does exist and He has a purpose for all that accept Him as true and real. If they really wish to prove they are right then they should find a way to truly disprove the Bible and explain how the moon stop for a day in one instance and for a few hours in another. Yet they do not they ignore it all together. Right it of as fantasy. Well I can do the same about their theories, yet I do not. I listen and give them a chance to prove to me or the Bible wrong as all should do to all views. This is called tolerance and a willingness to analyze facts and either agree or come to my own conclusion. The latter usually wins.

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