Confessions of a screwed up middle-aged man: Why do adults burden their children with adult issues?

I have no answer to this. I am seeking insight.
Could it be they are seeking to not bear their own responsibilities?
Are they trying to be like children again and by placing these burdens upon their offspring they can go about and have no cares themselves?
How selfish an act if that is true?
Each person is responsible for their own actions. They cannot pass on their burdens to some other person. If you never take responsibility then how can you be worthy to take praise when you have accomplished a goal? Did you yourself actually reach this goal or did you steal if from someone below you in age or rank in society?
This is not praise worthy but sad and onerous. It is despicable.
You cannot stand before God and say; “Well I gave the problem to my son or daughter why don’t you confront them.”
God wishes children to be children. To enjoy their childhood before the burden of free-will falls upon them and they must start to take account of their own behavior and missteps.
When you are raised in a society that teaches the golden rule of “Do unto to other as you would have others do unto you,” how can you even think of using someone?
But then that rule is no longer taught, is it? Why is that? Why are people being taught to look out only for themselves no matter the cost? Do they really want to know what the real cost is going to be?
I know there are those that do not believe in God, there are those that believe in a “god,” but have no concept nor desire to seek for it. As a result the world is falling into chaos. Death and slaughter is occurring in places no one ever though it would happen, but it does. Why? Because all are now taught that they are all that is important and all others are useless humans just taking up space.
Now just think on that statement if most are think this and they think all other are garbage, does that not make them garbage? Yes it does.
But this is not how God see us. God see that all are special. All have a place and a purpose. Yet this is not what those that wish to control and dominate want you to find out.
So the next time you want to pass the buck to a child or someone else for that matter. Stop! Think, and remember sooner or later they will think you are scum and it just might be true. Sad, really really sad.

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