Fighting the war against the “Wrong self”

The war against oneself is the hardest battle to ever be fought. It is ongoing; it is continual. There is rarely a break, but there are times when you are at peace with yourself.
As you age you come to learn more and more of what is right and what is wrong. If you are taught correctly when you are young you learn to avoid certain pitfalls, but still you fall short in many things and the “wrong self” wins instead of the “right self.”
The wrong self gets the expensive car, the wrong self seeks more and more materialistic items like houses more money things that truly have no meaning beyond this life, yet the “wrong self” still wins.
It is through understanding the Bible that we soon learn that there is more to this life than this life. There is God the creator of all you see about you and you. There is His Son who took your place upon the cross so you could live FOREVER.
Now why did I capitalize that word “FOREVER?”
Because this temporal life we now live in is truly a blink of an eye to what our REAL life is going to be. This life is just a trial to see if we can handle what is to come.
If all we do is listen to choices that are made by the “wrong self” our earthly and temporal bodies then that is all the reward we will ever get. Then when it is time to get your true and glorious reward of an eternal body, which ALL will be given. Those that chose the temporal rewards will receive no rewards and will not only be heartbroken but their eternal bodies will be stuck in one place for all of eternity.
On the other hand you will have those that followed the teaching of Christ and chose not to live in the temporal but sought after the eternal that will receive their rewards for that time. A time that as the word “eternal” implies will last for billions upon billions of years and will not only be here upon earth but throughout all of God’s creation, the universe.

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