If you learn Leviticus you will learn if you are living in sin.

Now let me start by saying this. Jesus Christ went to the cross for all humanity. He did so to be the last sacrifice, the ultimate sacrifice. Even those that have embraced Christ as their savior have learned that not all sin is washed away even though Christ and His father do not see it does not mean it does not need to be addressed by us. As you grow in your salvation you will willingly cast aside sins that still remain within you. Major sins though if not cast out right away need to be acknowledged and addressed as soon as possible. Why? Because you wish to say that God is first and above all else especially your own desires.
Within the book of Leviticus is the tools given to the Jews after their Exodus from Egypt to allow them to commune and be seen by God. We Christians through the blood of Christ need to acknowledge that these sins exist, if they do, within us and then to pray for Christ to give us His strength to cast it from us. Will it be easy? In some cases yes in other cases no it will be difficult, for if we do not acknowledge the sins Christ died for upon the cross then we deny the fact that He even went to the cross.
So I do find it extremely important to know what sins Christ took upon Himself and suffered for me so that I will do my best to cast that sin from me. On a personal note I wish you to know just how difficult it is to cast some sins away. I have dealt with one sin that first hit me at the age of twelve. It was not until just over two months ago that I finally cast that sin aside and it has no part of me due to the glory of Christ. By the way I am now fifty-five. So for forty-three years I was plagued by a sin over and over until I finally turned it fully over to Christ and I have not looked back upon it once. This is the very thing Jesus is referring to in John 15.
So it is important that you go to the book of Leviticus. Read and especially read those things that are called sins, in particular when they require a blood sacrifice to become clean, for it is Christ own blood that cast this from you. It is extremely important that you also understand, that when you cast off a sin and truly turn from it you will never desire to do that sin ever again. It is of the utmost importance that you understand what I am saying here. Too many have this image just because they have asked Christ into their life that they can continue to live in sin. This is the furthest thing from the truth. You are placing the sin before God and so you are saying you would rather live in the sin then with God. God first, all others second and yourself including your sins last. If you place God first the sin will mean nothing to you.


    1. Nothing is “unfair.” These are all the rules and laws handed to Moses upon Mount Sinai, which is why it took him 40 days there. To call something given by God “unfair” is like saying Christ needing to go to the cross was not needed.

    1. Thank you for your reply it allows me to address a point you hinted at but didn’t go into detail upon, so I will.
      This is another misconception that is gone too far within the “Church.” What people do not understand is that these sacrifices given to the Jews in Leviticus is what allowed God to see them through the blood of those sacrifices. To say we are not bound by them to a degree is accurate but only due to the fact that Jesus took our places upon the cross. Because the Son of God willingly took our place is something that should never be diminished. yet that is exactly what is being done. These laws and rules had only one purpose for every person to be seen by God. Yet Jesus said it Himself. “Go and sin no more.” Yet many go about doing just that sinning and believe they are covered by Christ’s blood. The moment they return to the sin, especially the “unfair” ones the person chooses the sin over God. This is wrong and something that needs to be addressed.

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