Misuse of the word “Love”

There is a big misconception going about that needs to be addressed. In one of my previous post “The hippie Jesus is alive and well but the true Christ is hard to find.” I tried to point out that love is not all happiness and joy and all is right with the world.
First we must remember that in proverbs it states that if a parent truly loves their child they would not spare the rod. I.e. spank them. Yet in today’s society that is something that is evil and taboo. It is amazing how what is right and good is suddenly the opposite. Big sign of troubles coming to this world yet most will just laugh it off and stop reading here just because I worded my sentence that way.
True love from a parent is not easy. They suffer as much as the child when they are forced to punish them, do you think God is any less upset?
When you allow a sin to grow. All those that allow it to grow actually say they hate the world and those they allow to sin. Now I am not saying go out and force people not to sin. That will never happen and then I would be the fanatic some of you already think I am.
A new awakening is now taking place. The world is now drawing the lines between those that will choose God and those that will choose sin. This line is not a straight line as many would assume but it cuts throughout groups that though themselves to be churches and those that have always thought they were not. It cuts across races, creeds and sexes.
What you need to understand is that those that are truly “Loved” by God avoid sin, for they have felt the guilt and discomfort sin brings into their lives. Those that deny God’s love embrace sin and embrace those that embrace sin. Once again the world is returning to black and white, sinner and saint, bad and good. Which side of the line do you stand upon?
If you stand with God and place Him first you have only one choice. Reject the sin and accept God.
Matthew 12: 30 He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.

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