Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: A sad trend

Over the past few months I have become more and more aware of a trend that when you truly look at the consequences it is something to truly feel sorrow about. I have written different blogs in the past about different aspects of this trend and I realize that I myself have no power to change it. I must add it never was my job to change it, but it still saddens me that so many are in for a horrible surprise, a surprise I may add that I don’t even know I would avoid. Why? Because I do not fully understand what are God’s plans. Do I have insight into these plans? Yes we do, but where I stand within them between me and God; I like everyone else can only speculate. All we can do is strive to follow the teaching of God that are written within the Bible.
The main core of the trend is the whole hearted desire for many to live in the lukewarm or grey as I call it. A deep desire to say that they are one with God yet most willingly live their lives outside of the God’s teachings. To say that it is ok to sin because they have asked Christ into their heart and He will accept them as they are. This is a twisting of the Bible. A legitimizing of the Word of God to allow themselves to live within a lie built upon a lie.
Time and again I have tried to follow the road that Christ has set me upon. To be a teacher of the Bible, to give insight into the word of God that most have never bothered to read. Allow the few to tell them that a certain way is the way Christ really meant for the word of God to be read, but in reality it is not, but the people listen none the same. Why? Because they have not bothered to learn the word of God for themselves. If they had they would know that to say they are one with God and yet live in sin is an insult to God. So much so that the Glorified form of Jesus Christ said he would spit those that thought this way from His Body.
So yes they may have been a part of the Body of Christ at one time, but they are no longer, because God only sees you in black and white; cold and hot; evil and good; sinner and non-sinner.
I have actually cried for those that I know and those that I do not know that live within the grey. I wept because I love them and it would make my heart sing to know that they will live a true eternal life that will allow them to explore all of God creation, but they instead call me a fanatic, a loon, a nut and even a Nazi hunter. I understand why they do this. I refuse to conform. I refuse to live the status quo, for I see that it is not what the Bible teaches. I see that all that is called sin in the Bible is just that sin. I see that if you refuse to turn from sin you are embracing it and choosing it over God. Many times in the New and the Old Testament of the Bible it is made clear, either accept God or accept sin. It is not one and or the other.
Do we sin once we accept God into our lives? Yes we do, but if we do not change, if we do not turn from sin and stop doing it no matter the pain required to do so then the Bible says we will lose the greatest gift of all, God’s Love. Yet many out there say “See Jesus is love and he accepts you as you are.” this phrase is nothing more than grey, then lukewarm.
In John 15, Hebrew 12 it clearly states that we must go through tough times. That we must suffer pain and anguish as we turn from sin and embrace and honor our Father God through His Son Jesus. If you do not cast away the sin then you wish to live in it. It is hard to cast sin aside and sometimes it can take decades to finally shed it from you, but only through Christ is that possible. God does accept you as you are when you come to him, but He will change you into something that is righteous and holy and it will hurt and you will not commit that sin again and you will respect and give praise to God. Trust me I know this all too well and it was not a fun experience but I don’t even think about those sins that were a part of me when I first came to Christ and I am no longer that man that came to Him in 1986 for He has remade me into His child, a servant of Christ and humans.

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