Should we be seeking peace?

Now I don’t mean peace on earth nor do I mean peace of mind in knowing you are a child of God, even though the latter is something we should consider with the “peace” I am referring too.
There is two poster posts that just make me think. One is the one where folks thank God they wake up to another day, the other is where people seek to have a peaceful existence here on earth. The latter one is more on the topic but both work hand in hand with what I wish to discuss.
In the Bible it is made clear that those that truly follow God will have trials and tribulation. It also states that those that follow God will be reviled and hated. It is also states that if we do honor to God He will time to time reward us for our efforts but not to expect all our rewards here upon this earth.
I think everyone can agree that we all go through ups and downs in our lives. What most don’t think upon including myself until I read the last poster post on Facebook. Every high point we encounter no matter how minor it may seem is a reward from God because it makes it very clear that truly being a child of Christ will be filled with harsh and hard times. This makes total and complete sense especially when you remember that our promised reward is not to be in this life but in the next and eternal life.
So why seek your reward here? Why do you seek peace? Why do you seek riches? This is not what we are promised by God. Yet many that call themselves “Christian” seek out these very things in this time and place. Isn’t that selfish? I sure think it is.
I recently met my eternal love. I know that is exactly who she is. She knows that we are to spend all eternity together as friends and companions. I consider her to be a reward from God. Yet even with her in my life I still encounter trials and tribulations. Are they easier with her in my life? Yes they are. Is she rich? No. Does she have peace to offer unto to me? At times yes. Mainly due to the fact that we are both Christians, and we place our burdens before our Savior.
This example is not what people seek, but this is a true reward from God. Many would rather have money which is useless beyond this temporal existence. Many would rather have no turmoil or pain so they avoid serving God to their full ability. Choosing themselves over God, and so the world a.k.a. Satan gives them peace. Gee I wonder how this will look at the Great White Throne Judgment? I’ll find out in time, as we all will.


    1. Which is why I started with:
      Matthew 5:11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. 12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.
      It is a commentary

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