Just saw a very poor article that said the type of Christians needed in a church were “Toxic”

A rebuttal. This is my response to an article that I found to be hurtful to the Body of Christ.

This nation is in a very sad state. It is due to those within the church abandoning the Bible, and turning to platitudes and placation of the masses within the so-called “church.”
The first one listed was the “Cynical” Christian. The definition of cynicism is that people have an inclination to believe that people are motivated purely by self-interest. Here is the kicker, all humans, even Christians at times, are motivated by self-interest. Furthermore many that call themselves “Christian” and are living a lukewarm existence for the most part are PURELY motivated by self-interest.
What is needed is to teach those that are selfish that this is the true sin and they need to turn to Christ and reject their self-involved lifestyle. Most that fall into this category are, as I call them, “Sunday Christians.” Every Sunday they are Christian, but the rest of the week they of the world and have fully embraced this lifestyle thinking they are saved and going to heaven, just because of Sunday. These are the lukewarm and shall be spit out by Jesus Christ. So is there a need for someone in the church to look cynically at someone’s motivations and actions within the church? Yes. They should also be in the church leadership and should be reaching out to those that show the selfishness and try to help them truly accept Christ.
Number two on the list was: “The ‘back row’ Christian.” Per that person writing the article this is the person keeping God at arm’s length. In my personal experience these Christians are the one that recently raised their hands and asked God into their heart and not one person in the congregation has taken them under their wing as a mentor. They are at arms-length because they feel awkward and left out, and who is the cause of this? The church leadership for not having an outreach group setup to contact and nurture these still wayward souls. Lost in the ebb and flow. Should they be called “toxic” NO…. who is really “toxic” here are the membership of the “church” not reaching out to these folks.
Next on the list “the ‘world is caving in’ Christian.” Oh my gosh. You have got to be kidding. The Bible makes it very clear that in the end times as it gets closer to the return of Jesus Christ there will be signs. Not only geological, but astronomical, atmospheric, sociological, and political. When the Bible is read correctly these signs become self-evident. One such sign is the Queen of England and her death, which has not occurred as of yet, but when it does it is a factor within the Bible. So having those within the church stating that the end is near is extremely necessary and required so people will know to get their lives in order so that they may be welcomed into heaven.
What is next in this article that should have never seen the light of day: “the ‘following the rules’ Christian.” This is the one that just kicked me over the edge with this article. So we are not to follow God’s laws or rules? No one is perfect, but if they don’t know what is expected of them through the teachings of the Bible how are they going to know what to change? This type of mentality given by this writer is the anything goes mentality that allows sin into the “church” like for example welcoming and allowing homosexual marriages. This is not the mentality of someone loyal to God, but the almighty dollar. The world is who they love, and so are an emery to God and His “rules.”
Number 5 on this shameful list: “the ‘political’ Christian.” The author of this article is another of those that most likely beliefs that the church and state must be separate. Another that thinks God being first in someone’s life is not required. When you place God above all things He must be included in ALL things which includes politics. The First amendment keeps the government from making a church and also from having the government sticks its nose into religion practices. Several founding fathers made it clear that this government would fall apart if God was removed for it. Well as we are witnessing that fear they had is very true. The government cannot protrude into the church but the church is required to be present in government. So the need for Christian to be political is mandatory. A church leadership that refuses to be political is a church that need to be left to die.
The next on the list is the “culture is evil and scary” Christian. This I must say actually has merit. The person that wrote this article was referring to those that hide within the church. Seeking to go through life without engaging in the world in the belief they will make it into heaven. Reminds me of the parable of the talents where the master give out coins and the last one receives one and buries it. These folks should try and be one of the above “toxic Christians” but instead hide within their homes and churches. It is due to these people that abortion became legalized and over 55,000,000 children have been murdered.
Next on this person’s agenda is the “I love Jesus but not the church” Christians. Well when most churches are filled with the selfish and self-serving and the one that hide within their homes and churches, do you blame them? Again this is a failing of the leadership, but also the people. Many cannot find a truly God fearing, God honoring church mainly because churches are no longer churches but businesses and all the “leadership” wants is rear ends in the pews to rack in money. The church leadership needs to be purged of all leaders that are not in the service of God but the service of the almighty dollar.
The “God doesn’t work that way” Christians is another one with merit, but I wouldn’t even call them Christians. In fact this is an insult to Christians. These are the folks that go through the motions and mechanics of Christianity. They also fall into the “Sunday Christian” crowd. Thinking they are saved and one with God when they have no idea of who God or even Christ really is. So, so far out of eight “toxic” groups only two really qualify.
Next the “loves to pick a fight” Christian or as the writer called these folks the “morality police” in social media and in public. Here is the thing with this one. This goes to taking the beam out of your own eye before telling someone to take the splinter out of theirs. The thing is this guy has the beam in his eye. Per 2 Timothy 4:1-5 we are told to publicly reprove, rebuke and exhort those that are going down the wrong path. When we see folks that call themselves “Christian” and say for example they still call themselves “democrats” when it is shown that the Democratic party officially denies there is a God (Matthew 10:33), openly lie (Proverbs 6:17), and openly support sins like homosexuality and murder also known as abortion(James 4:4). It is the Christian duty as a member of the Body of Christ to point out this error in judgment known as reproving. Then to explain to them with the Bible that error of their ways by rebuking them, and then to help guide them back toward God through exhortation. Now I must add that those doing the reproving, rebuking and exhorting should not be confrontational about it but lovely as if teaching a child to ride a bike or swim. For being a Christian is like being a parent to the child of the world which are those that have strayed or are lost.
Last is the “you can’t talk about that in church” Christians. Now I have to agree this one has merit also. Three out of ten though that is sad to make an article claiming ten issues when only three have merit. As to this one. All topics should be openly discussed in church. Why? So people actually hear that homosexuality is a sin. So people actually hear that if God says to not do something you don’t do it. It must also be heard in church that you will falter and fall, but you can get back up, but learn from your mistake and not do it again for if you do keep sinning you will fall out of God’s graces and He will no longer acknowledge you as one of His children. (John 15:2; 2 Peter 2:20)
In conclusion this article should never have been published by a Christian group. It should never have been “liked” by someone in a place of power in a church. It is flawed and full of misrepresentations and can actually do more harm to Christianity then good. For seven out of the ten need to be within a church so as to point out those that are truly following Christ and allow them to see the errors of their ways, and hopeful by some miracle come to truly ask Jesus Christ into their hearts.
Original article is called “10 Toxic Christians in the church today” found on faithit.com by Frank Powell

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