We are told we shall be hated.

Time and again within the New Testament we are told we shall be hated, persecuted. We are told time and again the time will come when it is common place for those acting godly but they will not know God and we are to avoid them as best we can. For they shall not wish to hear the truth and can tear us down to their level, which is a place we ultimately do not wish to reach.
But we must prepare ourselves to be called names, to be hated, scorned and even killed for standing by the true meaning of the Bible. The Bible which was divinely breathed into the minds of those that wrote down the words given by the Trinity since before the time of Moses to just after the first coming of the Messiah. The words have remained unchanged until recently, when men thought they were better and smarter than the Creator of the universe. The one who designed the atom to the vastness of the cosmos about us, yet these people on this dust speck of a planet when compared to the rest of God creation thought they knew better than He and made false teaches which have led thousands if not millions down a primrose path to damnation.
A sin is still a sin once God says it is a sin. A sin can only be forgiven when you repent of this sin. To repent means to stop it and turn away from it never to do so again. Will people slip up and make mistakes? Yes, but once realization sets in they will feel horror and sorrow over their actions and beg the Lord of His forgiveness. This is how the Bible says time and again it must be, yet humans now say this is not so. Who are they the new gods? For that is what they are making themselves out to be. There is only one God. There is only one Jesus and His love is for those that accept His instructions. Yes He says to love all, but He Himself said you cannot be both a sinner (cold) and a non-sinner (hot) for His love. If you are neither cold nor hot you are lukewarm, living in sin yet saying you are of Christ, and He made clear your fate. He shall spit you out of His Body and shall be lost. (Rev. 3:15-16)
But for those that stay loyal to His wishes, even through the hatred and even death, you shall be welcomed before the Father of all, and He shall know your name.

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