Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: I see it now, I understand

But that does not mean I have to set back and allow it to happen without making some effort to help others to know that God is real. I have been a glimpse into His plan. It is sad. It is joyous. It is horrifying. It is miraculous.
What is going to happen will allow the book of Revelation to occur as stated. God said He would use even those that do not know Him to accomplish His goals. His plans. His destiny for humankind and I have never seen such evidence of those that do not know Him being so proud and open to do so.
I will not share what I have been given. For I know it would not be accepted or seen for what it is, but it will allow me to move forward. It will allow me to understand when it is time to move on to the next chain within the promised eternal life.
The writing is clear as day for those that are willing to accept God. That which must take place for the return of Christ is going to happen and it will involve many to suffer.
There will be those that protected and stood up for others and they will find out too late that they supported the wrong people. They will learn too late that they too should have seen the truth as it was shoved down their faces over the last decade.
Never since the time of World War II has the world so quickly and eagerly changed for the worst and hardly any see things for what they truly are. In that war God used it to bring His people home, to fulfill prophecy. Now more prophecies are to come to pass.
It is all there, before us all, but very few listen, very few see.
For prophecy to be fulfilled it must happen soon, but how long is soon? Only God knows the answer to that one, but still the writing is on the wall for all to see yet very few will open their eyes.
So go ahead and compound your sins against nature. For who created the natural order? Who said it must be a certain way and no other? Yet many in humankind have embraced the mentality that they themselves control their own destiny. Many others will say that their god is the true god and only through what they say can things truly go as planned, all the time unaware that the true God has set certain events in motion per His design, per His purpose, and most will never realize it till it is too late.
Most will continue to live in their little world of their own creation. Supplanting the true Creator with their “human” god and they will see the horror that they have unleashed upon themselves. Never realize it was they that caused it. For God shall turn them over to unrighteousness. A word that has multiple sides and all are sharp and painful to the touch.
I can say no more. Yes it is cryptic. Yes it is vague, but that is how it is to be. I will still try and reach those that are willing to tear the scales form their eyes and for them I am joyous for when all is said and done. ALL will know the true God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, just not all will be able to celebrate this realization.

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