So folks are getting on Billy Graham’s case are they?

So Billy Graham has released a new book entitled “Where I am.” Per his son Franklin Graham he had originally indented it to be all about Hell. He changed it a bit and decided to talk about his insight into events in the eternal life we are all going to face.
The thing is people are trying to change Billy Graham’s message into one where all will go to heaven, or as I see it go and serve God and be able to explore all of God’s creation, but both Billy and his son Franklin say that this is not the message that he has taught. The message he taught we you must repent of your sins and accept the will of God through the salvation offered by His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.
This however is not what those that wish to live in sin and expect to get to heaven wish to hear.
This reminds me of how people said that the events in the Bible are a myth, but the letters and the gospels were all written when those that had witnessed the events were alive and could say this is true or that is not true.
Well in this case Billy and Franklin are saying this is not true. They are saying you MUST repent. You MUST stop sinning and you MUST truly ask Jesus into your life and honor the teaching of the Bible. If it is called a sin in the Bible then it is a sin… period. This is also what the Grahams are saying.
So these “critics” need to stop trying to turn the words given by the elder Graham and twisting them and trying to turn them into mythology.
I agree fully with the Graham family. A sin is a sin. If the sin is more important than God then the sin is your master not God. Repent, Turn from your sin and accept Jesus as your Savior or face the consequences which includes Hell, the Pit of Fire, the Lake of Fire, which ever term you don’t wish to hear.

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