WORSHIP WARS!!! (Maybe the most controversial thing I have ever written).

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As creatives in the church, we will sometimes be called upon, by God and man to try new things, sometimes these things will work and sometimes they won’t and when they don’t there can be backlash. We in the church can become very protective of worship, and by worship I mean style of worship. Some time around 2010, I did a web comic that was probably one of the most controversial things that I have ever done.

worshipwars It was part of my Weird World of Weiss comic for Cyberlight Comics. It was written in a time of immense frustration and yet a whole lot of hope. You see I love the church of Jesus Christ. Having been in almost 150 different, diverse churches in the last four years makes me love it all the more. There are so many different expressions of God’s Kingdom out there, and here is what…

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