Through great trails come great saints

All about us the signs of sinning against God become the norm instead of the unusual. It is in these times of unbelief, doubt and outright disobedience that saints have risen to the top. Look at Job and Daniel for example.
In this year a horrific sin was exposed to the light and few saw it for what it truly was. The human sacrifice of babies has returned to this world sanctioned and supported by the governing powers of this nation. From it all other sins have flourished and grown. In return Judaism and Christianity have increasingly come under attack. The symbols of our faiths being torn down in the name of freedom and as a result more and more sin takes dominion and true freedom fades into non-existence.
As this happens fewer and fewer truly follow the teachings of God’s Holy Word.
Could it be by this lack of believe and faith that the Holy Ghost gives a greater portion to those that remain loyal to God?
Does this explain how parts of Acts 2:17 have become fact? Is it plausible that the rest of this verse is not far from coming to pass?
I believe so.
So as we move ever faster into the end times of humanity as a disobedient creation of the One and Only Creator I can’t help but look about and listen for news of actions by the few willing to stand against the masses and face whatever will occur even unto death itself.
Who is willing to stand up and shout: “ENOUGH!!!!!”
Only to have fewer and fewer listen till it is too late and the rise of the Antichrist takes place.
I see elements already falling into place that say: “Soon.. it will be soon.”

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