What will the Rapture cause to happen?

To answer this question we must come to realize an important point. That being: that far fewer people will vanish from the earth then people think will disappear. Yet it will still be a noticeable event. It is the fact that it will not go un-noticed and those that were fully sure of themselves that they were going will cause two things to occur.
This first of this will be a falling away from the belief in God. For there will be many that thought themselves pure to find they were unclean and they will find that they prefer the live of a sinner over the life of a follower of God. Who in their mind abandoned them, not realizing that it is not God that abandoned them, but it was they that abandoned God.

In the same token there will be many that have the same realization that they were too were not as pure in their faith to God as they had thought. They will come to realize that certain man-made doctrines that had placed them on the wrong path were just that, man-made and need to be left where they started with humanity. They will then realize that you must take the entire Bible literally and you must read it and come to understand that all the books of the New Testament were written to a believing church body. They must then realize that it was not taking the Bible literally that got them to be left out of the Rapture.
Once then enlightenment takes place they will then go the next step which is to truly follow the teaching of the Bible. It is made clear that billions will do this and that it will most likely lead to a martyr’s death. They will know that they cannot take the mark or allow the chip to be implanted into their body. It will result in starvation, and they will be forced into a horrible time before they are removed from the earth.
Then as the last Christian is killed, the antichrist will show his true face. He will break his peace with Israel and the 144,000 will be spirited away to a safe haven. This will happen when the first three and half years of the Tribulation comes to an end. Then the two prophets shall appear who I still believe to be Enoch and Elijah. For to have them to be true witnesses. They must be able to attest for all of the actions of humanity and they must preach this unto those that do not wish to hear the word of God for the last half of the Tribulation. But all of that is another issue all together.
So the Rapture is the true awakening that will cause billions to come to God and He will receive them.

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