This is truly a time to be thankful.

Many who were born in the 1950s, 60s and even 70s. Can attest to the fact that the world we once knew within the United States is gone. As we delve deeper into these times of confusion and turmoil we can rest assured and be thankful that the return of Jesus as never been more visible than it is at this time.

Apostasy within the “church” has never more pronounced than it is today. Selfishness and greed has never been so poignant, yet we can be thankful that it shows that the Bible is true and right.

Wars and rumors of wars have reached a new high and so we can be thankful that God is all knowing.

It is possible, though we cannot be sure, that elements seen as prophecy in the Bible are becoming more of a reality then they have ever happened before. More elements today say it can be so that event predicted within the Bile are coming into reality.

And so we are thankful that God is real. That His son died for our sins upon the cross and made it possible for us to stand before God unashamed as long as we ask Jesus Christ into our hearts and turn our backs upon our sins. For faith without works is dead, but Christ is life if we repent.

So be thankful if it be true that we now stand upon the threshold of the return of the Glorified Jesus Christ, for it is truly something worth being thankful for.

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