My political endorsement, based upon prayer and the Bible, not anger.

There is an empty shell in this election.
Once again the truth is revealed to the world, yet will it make a difference?
For those that profess to be “Christian” it should.
Yet in all honesty I seriously doubt they will change their mind.
God has given those that call themselves “Christian” a wondrous opportunity in this United States of America. He has awakened us, yes through anger, to what is Biblically right and many have come out to vote. A vote that they should have cast in the last election, but many stayed home and did not vote.
They did not vote because it was against their beliefs to elect a Mormon into the Presidency of this nation. Even though it kept in power someone who truly does not in any way reflect true Christian values. So now they are angry. As I pointed out before in an earlier post the Bible makes it clear that we cannot let anger make our choices for us.
James 1:19-20 – Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry. Human anger does not produce the righteousness God desires.
Right now people are voting their anger. When you let anger rule your choices you are “does not produce the righteousness God desires.”
This is not my words, but the teachings of the Bible. We are to listen to the Bible. We are vote the ways of the Bible. I have just now reached a point of declaration. Since that candidate I would have liked to be elected has been removed and it is now a three man race I must make a choice and I must declare who it is at this time.
First we have the “empty shell.” The man who is the ultimate cars salesman. Tell you that the pile of junk before you that will fall apart as you pull it out of the parking lot is a Rolls Royce. In reality it has the parts of every lemon created in the auto industry. Destine to failure and destruction. The “empty shell” is none other than Donald Trump.
I am shocked that so many that call themselves “Christian” ever voted for him, for it is obvious once you get past the anger that he is a charlatan. It is also obvious that those that did vote for him do not truly know or understand the Bible. Which in itself is exposing their true beliefs to those that have an eye can see.
Then we have Kasich and Rubio, both who are like most of the lukewarm. They put on the dressing of the Pharisees and their actions and words match their dress. Both embrace teachings that are man-made and not Biblical and in doing so accept sin. They do not have my vote.
Dr. Carson reflects more Godliness than most in this election has, but his support is gone and needs to just drop out this election.
Which comes to whom I am going to endorse. Now as I said he was not my first choice. That man was and to a degree still is Rand Paul, but the media succeeded in getting him removed from the election.
The man who now has my official, yet meaningless to most, endorsement, is Ted Cruz. He is perfect Biblically? No he is not, but he is not phony like Trump feeding off of people’s anger. He has shown himself to be human in decisions he has made, but he has been man enough to address it and remove those that have caused his candidacy to falter.
When it comes to home state support. It is very telling. Cruz has the support of his state. Rubio does not, this is another big clue. If their home state doesn’t support them then they are not worth our time.


  1. What makes Cruz a “Biblical” candidate? Why should we consider Kasich and Rubio lukewarm? In what way is Trump nothing more than a charlatan?
    I am not necessarily disagreeing on you on any of this, but you have provided no verifiable facts. You have thrown out empty opinions you claim as facts. Back it up. Give me quotes. Show me scripture. If you want to influence other’s views, give them just cause to change them. Don’t just spout platitudes.

    1. Being lukewarm is supporting homosexuality which both do. Trump is a full blown liar and is proud of it as well. Per the Bible all liars that are proud of it have their place in the pit. So Christians should never support him. Cruz has made mistakes and admitted to them. This shows character and so some understanding of Christianity. Is he perfect? I don’t think so, but of all that can make it at this point of the process. Cruz is the closest someone that calls themselves Christian should support. Again unfortunately the less of the evils out there.

      1. Funny, I thought being lukewarm was about being apathetic. At least, that is how the Bible defines it.
        What about caring for the poor? Scripture talks about that far more than ten times as often as it does homosexuality. What about the many other Biblical commands and warnings? Has homosexuality supplanted abortion as the sole issue litmus test for the politically ignorant?
        BTW, you still haven’t given any quotes, sources, or even scripture.

      2. Lukewarm covers a lot of territory. Lukewarm when speaking to homosexuality is the belief you can be born with it, but if that were the case God would not know us when we are in the womb. For to know us in the womb we must be free of sin in the womb. Yet God knew Jeremiah and are we other than being a prophet human as he was? Sin is nurtured not natural. Rubio beliefs you can be born this way. This is the type of false teachings that allows sin in which he accepts as fact. Kasich stated in the first debate he went to a friend’s homosexual wedding again the actions of the lukewarm for by attending he in actuality condoned their choice to live in sin. Being lukewarm is caring more for any sport and spending more time talking about those things than the Bible and God. It is speeding down the expressway, when the Bible teaches to obey laws unless they are counter to the Bible. (Titus 3:1)
        None are perfect. Yet in our journey towards being a reflection of Jesus we are to strive to remove sin not say this is ok or I am not in the mood to follow that one today. That is lukewarm. Per Revelation 3:14-22 being a lukewarm is worse than being an atheist and so worse than being a liberal. Supporting the lukewarm is worse than supporting Trump.
        It was the lukewarm that allowed the return of human sacrifice known as abortion, but supporting a lukewarm is the continued support for this to continue. I know without a doubt that Kasich would never over turn abortion, but can I get you a quote? No, nor do I see Rubio doing this, but again I cannot get you a quote. What I have is that element I voiced. That I had evidence and so that is why I mentioned it.

  2. Cruz isn’t phony like Trump? I’m sorry, but I see Cruz as exactly the same. He felt that the Christian right gave him the best chance to be elected, so he aggressively courted those votes. Had he felt that another group gave him a better chance, he would have sung a completely different tune.

    I don’t disagree with your support of Cruz. If you want to support him because he’s much more likely to support the causes most important to the Christian right, I think you’re right on the money.

    To say that he’s not a phony, though … Sorry, I just don’t buy it.

      1. I don’t think that I ever even implied the Trump isn’t lying. What I wrote was that Cruz is just as bad.

        Again, I don’t dispute that Cruz is probably the best one to advance the Christian right’s positions. I simply object to anyone saying that they’re voting for Cruz because he isn’t a phony.

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