The “Evangelical” vote

This is this great word that the media is using to define those that profess to be “Christian.”
Now when you listen carefully to those in the media they divide this group even further. They say: “those that are strong followers of their belief” and then “those that do not fully practice their belief.”
This is the important division in this statement. Because in actuality they are giving you a false image of the truth.
I have listened to or watched every primary to date as of Super Tuesday and every single time they give this division of those they are calling “evangelical and/or born again.” Every single time the will say that those that DO NOT fully practice this “evangelical belief” have overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump.
But those that DO practice their “Christian” values are split between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.
What this speaks to is a complete misunderstanding of not only the media, but of the American public at large.
The term “evangelical” is defined per the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as: of, relating to, or being in agreement with the Christian gospel especially as it is presented in the four Gospels.
Now to be in agreement with the gospel or more accurately the Bible you say that your Savior is the Lord Jesus Christ and that you strive to reflect the teachings found within the Bible.
To endeavor to be a reflection of Jesus Christ you would say that you are practicing your faith. So those that they are calling “moderate and/or not following their beliefs” are per the definition given above are in reality what can be defined by the Bible itself as the “lukewarm.”
The “lukewarm” per the Bible (Revelation 3:14-22) makes it clear that in the eyes of Jesus Christ they are worse than an atheist and are spit out of the Body of Christ by Jesus Christ Himself. Simply they are not “evangelical.” They should not even be counted as that term.
What doesn’t surprise me personally is that they are showing the world what God already knows. They are not Christians. Why?
Look who they are supporting. Someone who is proud, arrogant, clearly states he has never asked forgiveness. He has been caught in lies. He is called a con-artist. He reflects everything that those that are true “Christians” would never even consider. They are voting from anger, again something that is against the teachings of the Bible.
So this misnomer that they are a reflection of the “evangelical” electorate is another attack on Christianity. An attack designed to belittle and dismiss not only Christianity, but what true Christians follow: The Bible and in so doing discount and diminish God Himself.
So per the media themselves those that practice their faith are the true “evangelical” and deserve to be called this. They though are showing their humanity as well. For there is enough evidence that shows Marco Rubio is not worthy of their vote. The biggest of these is the mere fact that those in Washington D.C. are supporting him. This says he has sold out to the greed that has corrupted this nation’s government. Does this mean Ted Cruz is worthy of their vote? There are factors that say no as well. This is why the vote is split.
What is clear is in reality we are getting a real picture of Christian faith in the United States of America. We are seeing in each primary in real time just how far this nation has fallen away from Jesus Christ. We are seeing that many who may honestly believe they are “Christian” are in fact in even worse shape spiritually than those that totally deny the existences of God.
We are seeing it is due to their hypercritical life style that they are why Christianity is failing in this once Godly nation. Now you need to understand what the word “hypocrite” means. It means to act, to play a role. This is what those that do not practice their beliefs truly are per the very definition of the word, because they do not “practice their beliefs.” Why? Because by saying they are Christian and not following the Bible wholeheartedly they are in essence playing out a role, acting as if they are faithful to Jesus. However by not following the teachings within the Bible they are just performing upon the stage of life. Then once they leave the limelight they return to their sins which are more important to them than God.
They are today’s equivalents to the Pharisees, which were the core conspirators in the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ. If this one sentence does not send a wakeup call to these people, nothing ever will. This is truly a sad statement, but it is a statement that must be said. I will leave the readers here to truly think on what they just read.


  1. It feels like your main point is that, “If you don’t vote for my choice of candidate, you’re obviously not a Christian.”

    Is that really your call to make? Is it appropriate to judge people in that way?

    1. It is the Christians duty to follow God first. That means to seek after a servant leader. That is what the Bible tells us to do. It also says not to do things in anger for it is unrighteous. To even imply this is me saying this you doing the judging. However it is not me you are judging but the word of God. It is not my call it is the Bible’s call.
      Then to throw the “judging” card. This implies that I am not teaching from the Bible, but I am. So when throwing this scapegoat into your comments go to the Bible and see where I was un-Biblical with the comparison shown within my post. I pray and read the word of God. I state what reflects the Bible and when it reflects the Bible it reflects God. If it reflects God and He is the ultimate judge of all, then that should answer your question.

  2. The problem is that you state things as fact without that don’t necessarily follow. For example, you start out okay with “it is the Christians (sic) duty to follow God first.” You follow that with “that means to seek after a servant leader.”

    Is there no room for debate that following God’s will does not necessarily mean choosing a “servant leader” as President?

    Granted, maybe that’s one reasonable opinion. What I have a problem with is that you’re saying there can be no debate. That’s what God says. Period.

    I happen to think that some reasonable theologians would find room to disagree with you on this particular point.

    If you are deciding what God’s will is and you are the one deciding who is worthy to be voted upon and you are the one who is saying that there can be no other way if one is to be called a Christian, it absolutely is you doing the judging, not God.

    1. When you place God first which is exactly what the Bible states we are to what the Bible instructs us to do. There is no debate. That is the problem. People wish to say, “but God I don’t want to it your way.” Then per the Bible you are placing yourself before God. I am merely pointing this very fact out. To imply that I am saying this goes back to my original reply. Please reread it and ponder upon it.

      1. I agree completely that we are to do what the Bible tells us to do. There is no debate on that subject. I completely agree that what the Bible says isn’t necessarily what Christians sometimes want it to say.

        What I’m saying is that, sometimes, reasonable Christians who are trying to follow the Bible disagree on exactly what the specifics are. Your stance is that you know exactly what the Bible says and that there is absolutely no room for debate.

        Sorry, but I can’t respect that opinion.

      2. I study the Bible in depth. I study to the original Greek and Hebrew, as well as Aramaic. This is fault in Christendom today. They work off this part of the Bible but deny that part. They wish to debate the word of their Creator. To feel they can debate the Bible says they desire to sin. To follow the Bible and thus God there is no wiggle room. Do I know the Word perfectly? No, but I will not debate to allow others to open the door to let sin win. My stance is to go read the Bible and show me where I am wrong. Which is how we are to have discussions on faith. To use the scapegoat of the judgment card shows you to be inflexible not me

      3. There are other people who study the Bible in depth in the original languages who would disagree with you on all kinds of points.

        Maybe I’m wrong, but your entire argument seems to come from a place of arrogance instead of a place of loving servitude to God.

      4. So those that say they are Christian yet MAYBE go to church everyone in awhile, curse, drink, lust after the opposite sex, gossip and demean others are not truly the “lukewarm” interesting point of view

  3. Wow, way to attribute a statement to me that I absolutely a) did not make or b) even remotely imply.

    Every person, even Christians, are inflicted with a sinful nature. Part of that sinful nature is a need to be correct and a need to tell others what to do.

    Sometimes it is absolutely Godly to call a spade a spade. Sometimes, however, doing so is simply a manifestation of our sinful nature.

    Are you really following God’s will here, or are you simply using God to justify telling people to do what you want them to do?

    1. You implied, because that is the core of the post you have attached your reply to. So by your challenge are implying this.
      And yes all are sinful, but I am not stating in sin that I am correct. I am stating what the Bible states is correct and its words are correct for they are inspired by God. I am coming straight from the word of the Bible.
      Those that call themselves “Christian” yet without guilt go about for six and a half day out of the week living in sin and make no true effort to better themselves and strive to be a true reflection of Jesus Christ are per the Bible the lukewarm, for their living hypocrisy causes those that have their doubts about God too look at these people and say: “wow.. if that is Christianity, not thanks. I already live that way and I don’t want to anymore.” If those that live in sin and say they are “Christian” see this post and they suddenly say: “hey… wait a minute… am living like that?” Then they repent, and turn their lives around and stop cursing, drinking, lusting after the opposite sex, gossiping and demeaning others. They suddenly start living the Bible, placing God at the center of every single thing they do. That is the purpose of these post. This is the ministry that God has given me to do. Am I perfect? No, but the word of God is perfect and as long as I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and point out to people as we are told we are to do by the Bible itself (2 Timothy 4:1-5) and in discerning the Word of God show people by this very Word their missteps as we are told we are to do to help our fellow brothers in Christ not turn down the wrong path than I am not in sin or arrogant, but dutiful to my Savior Jesus Christ.

      1. The core of the post that I replied to is, “You have to vote for who I tell you to or you’re not a Christian.”

        I don’t see any difference between that statement of yours and the ridiculous assertion by the left that I’m a racist if I don’t vote for who they tell me to.

      2. That is not want is says. It says we should follow the teaching of the Bible to find someone that gets as close to a servant leader as possible. Trump is the total opposite of this. So per the Bible you should not support this type of person. The core of my post was about the difference between the majority supporting Trump are by their own admission the “lukewarm.” While those that are torn between Cruz and Rubio are more faithful to God. Per the Bible we are to seek out servant leaders. Those are no longer available for the two that fit are either no longer running or a non-factor.
        The Bible desire us by placing God first to look for someone that is a reflection of Christ. Of the three out there, only one is left. Can’t help it that is all that left due to people voting for themselves instead of God.

  4. You stated that:

    A) true Christians only vote for Rubio or Cruz
    B) lukewarm Christians aren’t Christians

    How is that not saying, “If you don’t vote for who I say you should vote for (Rubio or Cruz), you’re not a Christian.” ?

    Did you not read your own post? How can you possibly deny writing what’s there clear as day?

    1. Oh I know that is what it is saying. So you are upset because it sounds like you want to support Trump. Someone who is a liar, has admitted that he will not stay as he is. As the Christian Post has called a “scam artist.” So we have all these people say it is best to practice your faith by not supporting this person. This makes you upset because you are angry at the current administration. An administration given a second four year term by those that refused to vote for Romney. Did I want to vote for Romney? No I did not, but I had no choice. I knew from the Bible that Obama would lead this nation further away from God. The Bible was proven correct. So with my belief in God and the teachings of the Bible I knew I could not allow this to happen again. Yet it is. Why? Because this nation has fallen further away from God then I being human even knew. God has pronounced a judgement upon this nation, and Obama is a factor in that judgement. We are in the next stage of that judgement. This election will tell God where the heart of the people lie. With Him or with themselves. Those supporting Trump are saying it is themselves that is important. Not God.
      As I said I am not telling you how to vote. I am stating how the Bible wishes you to vote. So you are not arguing upset with me, but with God, or more accurately, yourself.

      1. Again, you’re putting words in my mouth. This isn’t about who I want to support. It’s about the fact that, everywhere I go, people are saying, “You have to vote for this person or you’re _____ (evil, stupid, not Christian).”

        I find you to be no different than all the other people saying the same thing. You rationalize you wanting to tell people who to vote for by saying “it’s God’s will, not mine.” In reality, I think it’s more you wanting to tell people what to do.

      2. Sorry that I put words into your mouth, as you are placing your thoughts into my mind. That is not my intent. I work only from the Bible. This is how God see it. I am merely a reflection of Him, though imperfect. He has given us a guide on how to do every single thing in our lives, which include voting. If you choose to ignore God go ahead, that is your choice. And please don’t be one of those that says “How did God know there was going to be ‘voting.'” If you say that I won’t even bother to continue our discussion.

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