Short Sighted?

This is one of those statements someone makes to many that have embraced their Christian faith. They say that following the Bible limits you. That there is more to the world than what can be found within the Bible. It would be laughable if it weren’t so sad.
When someone accepts Jesus Christ as their Savior and strive to be a reflection of Him, by following the teachings within the Bible, does not limit them. They actually expand their horizons.
Many that embrace science fiction are those searching for a future that will have amazement and wonders. They seek after teleportation, terra forming, celestial phenomena, dinosaurs, higher beings, including ascension into a higher life form; immortality, multiple dimensions, creation.
They seek after these things because they wish to expand their horizons and seek after a wondrous reality if not for them, but for their children, or their children, or their children. To me this is true short sightedness. Even though they do seek after these things they feel they are unattainable to them. That their life is meaningless to the point that they wish to tear down society as it now stands to hurry the arrival of this new phenomenal world that is yet to be. This is true short sightedness. This is not what those that truly understand their belief in God expect or accept.
Through the Bible that they know these things have taken place, are taking place and will take place: terra forming, celestial phenomena, dinosaurs, higher beings, including ascension into a higher life form; immortality, multiple dimensions, creation. What is most important is that they themselves can be an eternal witness to these very things and are themselves promised to ascend into higher and immortal beings as servants of the One who created it all. The Lord God Almighty.
The Lord God that is within the alternate dimension, or reality if you like that is called Heaven. Whose Son after His resurrection appeared out of nowhere into a locked room twice.
So who is in reality short sighted? The person that thinks only of today, tomorrow, this temporal life span of up to about one hundred years. Or the person that turns to God and His Son and plans for their life to come in their ascended and immortal bodies that all humanity is promised to have. A life that will last billions upon billions of years. A life that will be filled with wonder and sights so beautiful it will put all the beauty of this planet to shame.
For those that are the true short sighted though. Theirs is not this spectacle. Theirs is to be left in one place, one location, in continual pain and mental and physical torment. All due to their true short sighted beliefs that the Bible is nothing but a book to be changed to their temporal whims and desires. Why? Because they wish to live in their personal version of happiness now, not when God has promised it to them in the enteral life to come. How truly sorrowing it is to me to write these words, for my love for my neighbor is for them to accept Jesus Christ and to stop living in sin. For as long as they seek temporal rewards they have sealed their own fate themselves and they have only themselves to blame.

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