The warning of what to look for

Time and again within the Bible there is warnings. For even though the apostles did not know the day of the return of their mentor and leader Jesus Christ. Once they saw His resurrected form they knew without a doubt that He is the Son of God. They were so faithful to this belief, a belief that was not present upon the day Jesus died upon the cross and they hid themselves away out of fear for their own lives. This new faith was so strong because they saw Him appear before them whole and pure that they left their hiding and never returned to it. They knew He would return.
The Holy Spirit filled them and they went into the streets in joy and gladness because they knew Him to be real. They faced torture, pain, suffering and death. Those very things they feared before the third day they now gladly faced to their deaths. Only one died of old age. The rest were killed.
The last true apostle was Paul, once called Saul. He hated Christians and sought them out and killed them with joy and fervor. Paul the thirteen disciple of Jesus Christ did not change his way till the resurrected Christ stood before him. An event that blinded him, but he was healed. Not only in his eyes but in his spirit. A spirit that instilled within him the knowledge he used to teach of the ways of Christendom and of the return of Jesus Christ.
It was clear that Jesus Christ the risen Savior would return to the surface of this planet. When He does so though it will be a time that those that deny Him and His father will dread and curse. For when He does return their excuses and their placing of doubts into their fellow humans will be made clear for to all that their true desires was for only their lustful desires and not for the glorification of their Creator. All will know that all the marvels of creation are a gift given unto humanity that was abused by those that professed they were there for its protection when in reality they were there for themselves.
Yet that time has not come as of yet, but the signs are everywhere. There are those that mock Christianity and cry out “Where is your Savior?!” False teachers parade about in luxury saying they serve God when those with eyes see that all they serve is themselves. War and rumors of wars abound. Those that wish to control divide the people turning one group against the other all for the desire of pleasing only themselves and not those they pretend to care for.
So blind are those that say they are “Christian” that they willing follow this fad or that fad of words that is pleasing for them to hear. As their ears are tickled with what they wish to hear so they can avoid those words which they do not wish to hear. For if they truly listen to the words that they avoid they will be convicted within their hearts. Knowing with no doubt that they have turned their back upon their Savior and have rejected the love of Jesus Christ for the love and lusts of the world about them.
These are the warnings within the Bible. In no other time in history since Jesus left this planet has these predictions within the Bible been so many coming true at one time. So many are coming true that it rivals the predictions of the forty plus prophecies of what will mark who the Messiah is. The odds for all these prophecies to come true was 1 in 10 to the 156th power, yet come true they did. Yet at this very moment the predictions of what to watch for the soon return of Jesus begin to challenge these very odds yet they are coming true as we speak. However, people still laugh at God, His Son and His servants like myself. Scoffing at us as if we are crazy yet we are not.
It is time to face your Creator. It is time to leave your sins behind. It is time to repent. It is time to stop living in sin. It is time to stop seeking after the riches of this world and to seek the riches of the eternal life that is to follow this soon to end temporal world we now live within.
Do you not see that this world we live in is a poor reality? These large houses you store your worldly wealth within are nothing compared to that which is truly real. Do you not see the wonders within the universe? Do you not know that God created it ALL? These are a glimpse of the eternal rewards promised to all that accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. These are the wonders that await all those that repent and turn form their sin. But to truly turn for sin you must first acknowledge it is a sin. Then when you make this acceptance you must then turn away from it and strive never to do it again.
Do not embrace sin. Do not glorify sin and then on the other hand say you are a follower of Jesus Christ. For that is a lie and an insult to God. It is a slap in the face of your Creator. If you so desire to do this then you have made your choice, and it is a choice that will last you for all eternity.

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