The “free-will” dilemma

This is one of those things that people just don’t truly understand.
When God created Adam He placed within this human the ability to use “free-will.” This has been passed down to all humanity. It is the ability to use our minds to decide on our own what we wish to do.
When Eve partook of the tree of knowledge of what is right and what is wrong it was a test of the very gift given by God to His most important creation of all. God knew that both Eve and then Adam would fail. God knew that great trials and tribulations that would follow for the billions of lives that were to exist from that moment that he decided to make humanity until the time of the Great White Throne Judgment.
Yet God was still pleased that He created us. God still loved and currently still does love us. It is His desire that each person come to have a personal relationship with Him and His Son. Here is the thing that people wish to ignore due to having “free-will.” Many have convinced themselves that once they are saved and have entered into this personal relation with God and His Son that “free-will” is suddenly gone. It no longer has any affect upon their lives.
Here is the one thing that Catholicism did get right, but their manner of dealing with it actually compounded the problem instead of truly trying to address it through the need of going to confession. By going to confession actually makes people feel they can continue to live in their sin and have no need to be truly repentant.
To be truly repentant means the person must leave the sin behind completely. Is this easy? In most cases no it is not. Why? Because of free-will. Humanity due to the gift of free-will must deal with this gift which at times can be a curse on a daily basis.
Since the gift of free-will never leaves us we daily make choices that affect how we do things. It is though reading the Bible and learning the way that God truly wishes us to live that we teach ourselves a type of discipline in how to control our free-will. That is why there is reference within the Bible of many that are one with God that turn their backs upon God due to free-will. Look at David for example. Someone that as a child was beloved by God for his love and his faith in the Creator of all. He becomes the first king of Israel to totally unite the twelve tribes. However, he turns his back upon God and through his free-will lusts after his neighbor’s wife. For the terrace to where Bathsheba bathed could be seen from the palace which was right next door. David then committed murder to hide his sin of adultery. Yet was he not at one time in harmony with God? Did not God bless him and give him the insight as a mere child into how to slay the Nephilim Goliath.
This is the acts of free-will and they can happen after you are in a true relationship with God and His Son Jesus Christ. As is witnessed in John 15 you can be of the vine of Jesus Christ. Saved, born-again, yet you can turn your back upon God and bear no fruit in your salvation. God Himself will break off your branch from Jesus and give it back to humanity which will then cast you into the fire which is a simple of the pit of fire where all go that do not truly follow Jesus Christ.
David realized his sins and repented of them as best he could. Bathsheba also repented and from them came Solomon who built the first great temple to God. And from David’s line ultimately came the ultimate salvation which is Jesus Christ.
Free-will is our ally and at the same time it is our enemy due to all knowing what is right and wrong from that fruit that Eve and Adam ate so long ago. Without the knowledge and the teachings of the Bible we are to be tested by our own free-will. How we overcome these tests that our free-will puts us through daily is our ultimate test of our faith and belief in our Creator and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.
Just because we have asked Jesus into our hearts does not mean we can do as we wish and however we wish to live our lives. If we do this we will quickly fall back into the world and our selfish and self-centered desires and wishes. This is why David and his sins as king affected all of Israel. How does our ignoring free-will and the consequences it is causing any better? What ripples are we causing by not following the teachings within the Bible? That is obvious if you listen to the news and look about you at things that are effecting your lives.
This is all the results of free-will and not learning to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ that is the Bible.
Ponder that for a while.

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