When those that practice evil reach a point where they do not care if they let all know that they are doing evil, and they appear to get away with evil, it is a sign of true and complete arrogance. More and more this is becoming prevalent in those that seek to run the United States.
If you have ever watched the movie “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” you would have seen this very behavior. What is amazing is that this fictional movie made in the 1930s, but actually was based in some facts of the time, would come full circle and become rampant once again. It is seen in all that are in Washington and seek to rule the common folk of this once proud nation.
It was seen this last week on the day after the Fourth of July. A day that was once a celebration of this nation’s freedom from this very tyranny is now tarnished and misrepresented. As of this last fifth the true meaning of this day is lost to those that have no true understanding nor desire to seek understanding of what freedom is.
The fifth of July of this year should go down throughout all history as the day the death knell of the former United States of America died.
Now we are in a new country. A country that has those that seek to be like those in power. Yet it is not even 1% of the population that reach this “goal.”
Now I placed the word “goal” in quotation marks for as I have been teaching several times throughout the last few years I have posted this blog, that to seek after anything within this temporal plain of existence, especially anything that offers tremendous earthly rewards is actually a near guarantee of damnation that will last billions upon billions of year. Yet those that celebrated the fifth will laugh and scoff at this very statement I just wrote above. Why? Because they do not know the Bible. They do not know God and they definitely do not know the true image of Jesus Christ.
They have been twisted and manipulated to thinking all there is, is this few short years within this life they now live. They have been twisted to think all must revolve around them. Yet it in no way will for those that never reach the point of control and power. Yet they allow themselves to think they have power and control when it is they that are being controlled by the puppet masters of damnation that are of the less than 1%.
What they should truly do is seek out a Bible and to REALLY read it. I do not mean pick a verse here or there and apply these verses wrongly as most do. I mean read it. Study it. Seek the original meaning of the words as they were written two thousand years ago and more. Come to see that the Bible is true. For it never contradicts itself even though the very first word written down was place upon paper thousands of years before the last one was written.
This can only come from one source, not hundreds, and that One is GOD.
The Bible makes it clear that those that seek the highest point of control and power in this reality will be the lowliest being in the eternal existence. It is shown within the Bible that those that are in power and lie, murder, and subjugate will be destroyed. And those the gleefully and willingly follow them will be cast down with them to eternal sorrow and agony.
So go ahead celebrate your “victory” over what is true and righteous, you that seek after worldly rewards and praise. Even though in your eyes it appear that you are “true and righteous.” I dare you. I challenge you to read the Bible. In both King James and New Living Translation. I dare and challenge you to go to Bible Hub at and study the true meaning of the words. To see that those that seek after wealth and power will find it harder than a camel to go through the eye of a needle. To see that the Bible states that ALL liars will go into the pit of fire to eternal pain and agony that will never end for billions upon billions, upon billions of year. To see that Bible says that those that seek after money will not serve God, but despise and that they will willingly go into the pit of fire joyous of their choice to defy God to their own doom. I dare you.

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