The misconception of needing to exceed in the world

This is not what the Bible teaches. This is not what Jesus Christ Himself taught when he walked amongst us two thousand years ago.
Jesus Himself was the son of a carpenter. In that time it was expeceted that the eldest son would adopt the work of the father. Yet Jesus did not become a carpenter. There is a reason for this. This was He was not the eldest son of Joseph. He was however the eldest and ONLY Son of God. So He did not become a carpenter but our Savior as was prophesied time and again in the Old Testament.
When Jesus taught His message to His disciples as well as those that came to listen to His teaches He would emphasize the importance of placing God first in everything. He would teach to follow the commandments. He would teach that things of this world are of no import.
Christ went as far as to state that we are not to seek after riches or luxuries upon this earth. Why? Because they would fall away into nothing. He said clothes would be eaten by moths. That things of metal would rust away.
Throughout this world there are strange structures made of large and heavy stone. Most of these things be they found under the water or above it puzzle even those that say they are the most wise amongst us. They have no clue as to how stone several tons in weight could be aligned so perfectly that they say it would take a laser to make the cuts in today’s world of technology and cranes to move them into place. Yet there is no cloths to be found with them. There is no metal instruments found with them. For they are gone.
Could they have been built by those that walked the earth before the great flood that caused Noah to build his ark for? This is the most likely possibility. Yet we do not know for sure for all evidence of the society that made them is gone.
Do you see the wisdom in the word of Jesus Christ now?
The answer to that is no I am afraid. For most within this world, which includes those that call themselves “Christian” do not see or even acknowledge this teaching of Christ. Why? Because they seek after riches upon this temporal plain. They seek after big houses, fancy cars, luxurious clothing, and trips and waste the gift that God has allowed them to gather unto themselves. Why? For this is what they desired the most.
But is this what the Bible teaches us to desire the most? NO.
The Bible teaches us to desire to place God at the center. To be on our minds, our souls and our actions. This is what we are to seek. Jesus says that if we do gain wealth than if we see someone that is struggling to give that money unto them. Not to keep it for themselves. He goes on to say that if they do not help their brothers and sisters in Christ that are in need than in reality they are not of God, but of the world, which is their true love.
So to truly exceed in this world. To truly exceed to the glory of God. If we have money we are to get rid of most of it and only keep that which is what we need to make it day by day, for that is all we truly need upon this temporal plain of existence. For ours is not of this world, but in the eternal world that is to come. A world where we will be given new and immortal bodies that will serve God if we follow Him and His Son’s teaches. If we do not serve Him and honor Him here in this reality we are promised that we shall never serve Him or truly know Him.
For that which is impure and unrighteous only have one destination in their immortal bodies and it is a place I wish none to partake of.

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