Why are people starting to now doubt the timing of the Rapture?

Now I understand from why from the fringe and from those that do not fully follow the teaching of the Bible, but from those that profess to being “Christian” and to so-called knowing the Bible.
Well let’s look to the Bible and to the last book of the Bible: Revelation. In the third chapter and the tenth verse of this chapter this is stated by the glorified Jesus Christ:
“Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.”
Another version of the Bible states it this way:
“Because you have obeyed my command to persevere, I will protest you from the great time of testing that will come upon the whole world to test those who belong to the world.”
Now since I have witnessed this in person. There are those that call themselves “Christian” that in turn call the book of Revelation nothing more than a “fairy-tale” (Needless to say I never returned to that church). Unfortunately there are those that listened to this and belief it to be the truth. On this note all I can say is that if someone discounts one book of the Bible as “fake” or “fantasy” than they have no true belief in God as their Creator or that Jesus, who has been documented to have actually existed, was never real at all. Their own belief in the “fairy-tale” makes them out to be liars and have no concept of salvation or our Savior.
But on with the true topic of this article.
There are those that think the Rapture will not happen till either the middle of the Tribulation period, or till just before the bowl judgments or better yet till after the bowl judgments as Christ comes to stand upon the Mount of Olives breaking it in half.
Now there can be some argument due to the wording of the tenth verse of the third chapter of Revelation to in some way justify the middle of the Tribulation, but here is the thing. Even before the middle of the Tribulation is reached there will be judgments and disasters that transpire that cause the death of millions if not billions. This contradicts the above verse. So this leaves only possible answer to when the Rapture is to transpire and that is before the Tribulation begins. As it is commonly known as the per-tribulation rapture. Even looking at the other two options is voided by the evidence of this one so to even discuss them is a waste of time.
Now for clarification sake. Some will ask then: who are the 144000? This is a simple answer. These are the select from the twelve tribes of Israel. 1200 from each tribe.
There are two convent groups upon this planet at this time.
The Israelite and the Christians.
There will be those that argue this from other religions, but here is the difference. God in the Bible made a promise to Abraham and as a result we have the Jewish nation of Israel and the twelve tribes within it. Are some Israelite non-Caucasian? There is evidence in the Bible itself to support this.
Those that are Christian have been given a promise by the Son of God, Jesus Christ.
The Israelites are to be the bride to God. The Christians are to be the bride to Jesus.
Since the first bride rebelled and sinned (see Hosea). They must endure through the Tribulation.
This is not asked of the Christians since they are covered by the blood that Christ spilled upon the cross.
Here is the kicker though and why I feel the debate as to when the Rapture is, is now taking place.
I have come to a sad realization. Most that consider themselves to be “Christian” that go to church, and send their praises unto God. The majority that consider themselves to be saved and covered by the saving blood of Jesus Christ. In reality, are not. They are the lukewarm. Those that at one point did ask Christ into their heart, but due to bad teaching, misunderstanding and not reading the bible they have been led down the wrong road. The one that is a wide and easy path and not the narrow and difficult.
This is the reason that suddenly there is a debate as to when the Rapture will truly occur in relation to the Tribulation. Why? For millions that count themselves as saved will be shocked to see that they have been left behind and so will listen with baited breath to those that offer up false reasons that there will be “another” Rapture since they missed out on the first and what in reality will be the last, except for those that chose to correct their errors and decide to choose martyrdom over the mark of Satan. Their Rapture is promised at the midpoint of the Tribulation when the antichrist chooses to desecrate the newly reconstructed Jewish Temple within Jerusalem. At this same time the 144000 Jews will receive their own mark. A mark that will protect them from all that will follow in the next three and a half years. For they are to be witnesses to the horror that is to befall all the rest of humanity that will be upon the earth at that time till the triumphant return of the glorified Jesus Christ.

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