Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: Why I will now vote for Trump explained

A short time after Ted Cruz left the primary field of people running for the Republican Parties choice for President, I announced that I would not be voting for either the Democratic or the Republican nominees. I stated clearly that neither represented me and neither represented the Word of God. My stance here has not changed. Neither do nor do I ever see either of them doing so, which as I see it is a sign of the fall of this nation and an impending judgment if not a continued judgment from God against this nation for turning their backs as a nation away from God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.
That being said I will now explain why I will even though very reluctantly vote for Trump.
To start we must begin with Titus 3:1:
“Remind the believers to submit to the government and its officers. They should be obedient, always ready to do what is good.”
Which clearly states that those that call themselves “Christian” must follow the laws dictated by humans given dominion over a people as long as those laws do not conflict with the Bible. An example of a conflict is seen in the legalization of abortion. This is counter to the Bible and as a follower of Jesus Christ it is my duty through peaceable and legal means to see that this law is rescinded and that ALL live is honored from the point of conception till natural death.
Now why are we to honor the laws given my humans?
This is answered in Daniel 4:17:
“For this has been decreed by the messengers; it is commanded by the holy ones, so that everyone may know that the Most High rules over the kingdoms of the world. He gives them to anyone he chooses— even to the lowliest of people.”
This being said by the Bible, especially the very last part does not mean us, we as a people, are to just let those that are the “lowliest” come to power when we have a chance to choose who is to be our leaders.
This is the uniqueness of this nation.
Take for example the recent change in the Prime Ministers if Great Britain. The choice of Mrs. May didn’t come from the people, but from those within Parliament already.
That is not how this nation works. This nation has the special ability to choose the person that is to represent us to the world. Please note I did not state lead this nation, but represent us to the world, for that was the original intent of the Presidency. The Governors of each state were to run the matter of each individual state and to have some, but limited help from the federal government like for example a common currency and a national Army as well as a Navy for defense of all states within the Union.
We the people of this United States were gifted the power to appoint the person to be a symbol of our nation. As I stated before neither in the major parties nor any others in any other party fit this description.
What pushed me over the edge to go ahead and vote for Trump was the actions of the government in the last twenty days.
First you had the former president Mr. Clinton meeting in a jet privately with the Attorney General while an ongoing investigation of his wife was on going. This is a clear violation of the law. Then when so much evidence was made clear to the world and in this evidence even spoke clearly that people were being told by Mrs. Clinton herself on how to break the law. It came out a few days later after this private meeting that there would be no charges against her and those under her. This goes clearly and blatantly against the laws of this nation and show a total disregard of not only the laws but for every single legal citizen of this nation.
That being said and no power or nation can exist without God’s choice is an action of arrogance against the Creator of this planet and this universe. It is saying to God that they spit upon His glory and care only for their own desire to be gods themselves. Now who was it that did that before? Oh yeah, Satan. This was also done by Hitler, Napoleon, and Stalin, to name a few.
Yes, Trump has never ask forgiveness for his personal sins, but as of yet he has not, in such a public way, degraded or insulted God as Hilary Clinton has, and so since they have so publicly spit upon my God I can not support her and must vote for the person that has the best chance of winning against her. That being Donald Trump, may God have mercy on our souls.

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