Are you ready to go to jail?

As we get further into this century. As we look about us and more and more of the signs Christ warned us to look out for become a reality. We must come to the most drastic of choices.
Are you willing to be placed in jail? Have your job taken from you. Have your personal possessions taken from you. Be left with nothing but the clothes the government issues you to wear.
Well are you?
Many of you reading this will scoff or laugh at what I am stating here, of what I am asking here.
There is already evidence of this. The Mideast and the acts of ISIS against those that profess to be Christian and refuse to turn their backs upon their faith are brutally murdered. Christian are made to look the villain, the pariah, the small minded in this very nation.
Fewer and fewer go to church, many that are young don’t even know you are to go to church on Sunday mornings to worship the Savior and His Father the Creator of all.
Yet you do not see the time coming that will imprison you?
Sad very sad.


  1. I’d sooner go to hell than bow down to a supernatural creator who has been scaring and taunting us without the decency to show his face. Spending our lives being judged to decide whether we are worthy of heaven. It’s just not as interesting or fruitful as the origins of evolution and the ways in which the universe really began. We don’t need a 2000 year old myth to fill in the blanks anymore because science is doing that for us. We should thank ourselves not god.

    1. You are aware that science totally confirms and supports that God is real. You are aware that there is documentation not written by any within the Bible that confirms Jesus truly lived. You are aware that more than 500 people saw Jesus alive after He was crucified at one time.
      You are aware that every time humanity looks to humanity for wealth, glorification, exaltation and perfection it is only a few that receive these so-called rewards while the majority suffer and those that oppose are tortured, imprisoned and killed, many times in horrific manners.
      Humanity are their own worst enemy.
      This life we live is only meant for one purpose. To either accept God or to deny God.
      You see humanity always seeks after perfection. Most think as you that it is only achievable through humanity striving for it. Yet they never accomplish it. So in their old age they say well the next generation will reach this glorious reward and they die in sorrow for they have failed.
      This is not what God promises. The goal of perfection is attainable, today, now, but will we see it today, now? In our hearts yes we do.
      Here is the thing. God’s promise is that ALL, you, me, the person next door, the person on the TV, next to you at work, will receive an eternal and perfect body. That very perfection that most see as unattainable in their lifetime is achieved, but there is a catch.
      To be able to enjoy this perfection we must acknowledge that God is real, to ask Jesus Christ into our hearts as our Savior. Once this is done and you leave ALL your sins behind and strive to never commit them again. Then once we leave this body and Christ calls us to Him we will be in this perfect body that will last for billion upon billions of year. Able to explore the entire universe and all that is within. All of this in the service to God and His Son who is documented to have existed 2000 years ago yet is still alive now.
      Here is the thing. If you don’t accept Christ you still live billions upon billion of year, but in agony, and pain and sorrow, for by your choice you said you would rather disavow a myth that has been proven real in science and historic documentation.
      Your choice, more power to you. Enjoy it….. in never ending pain.

      1. Don’t tell me god reinforces science. That is untrue. There are 3000 religions and yours is no more true than a single of theirs. It’s brainwashing at its finest and you happen to follow the religion relevant to the era you were born in. God does not have a place in science and if you actually educated yourself actually bothered to hear the other side you’d know that there is a scientific possible beginning with zero room for God in the equation. I pity you.

      2. The first view verses of the Bible is pure science and confirms that Big Bang itself is a reality and so God is a reality. Religions are made by man and are flawed and broken for humans are flawed. Religions are humanity seeking to be God. Many religions use the Bible for no other document in all of history has been written that can compare to it. For it is consistent even though there have been hundreds of hands that of written it down for the source of their words come from one being, God. God is unchanging, yet humanity always seems to go through the same cycle of acceptance to denial. I am not here to convert you, but to be the light of truth. If you wish to live in your brainwashing that only humanity can accomplish perfection go right ahead and think that. In the end these word typed today will come back to haunt you and the bitterness of them will not be of my making, but of your own. Science go not exist without God. The mere fact that you are thinking, breathing, and living per science is mathematically impossible, yet you are here, you are thinking you are breathing yet since says you should not. I know that those that profess to be scholars in science have the term Theological in their titles. That means their statements are not fact but theory, ideas of how they see the world, yet one of these very scientist recently stated to all the world that God is a mathematician for the entire universe is mathematical. If someone can say that that you have most likely studied and listened to in their teachings, than my case is closed and it is not I that needs to be pitied. Enjoy your revolution for someone day it will come back upon you as all things made of humans does.

      3. To tell me that the bible confirms the Big Bang and explains science is absolutely ludicrous. The bible is a document which interpreted the world around us at a time when humanity didn’t have the answers we have today. With every new scientific discovery, the creationists adapt their interpretation of the bible for it to fit with new scientific discoveries. The universe doesn’t need a creator and actually science does explain how evolution and life spawns out of nothing. With the discovery of the Higgs boson we know that matter had a beginning and we know that biological life as we know it spawns under the simple laws of physics and nothing else. Why are we so self centred that we believe we are special enough to warrant a creator when weight for weight there are more cockroaches on the planet than all the humans there have EVER been. Life is amazing and we are beginning to get a grasp of it and in no way, shape or form does the bible reinforce scientific discovery. It is simply a book written at a time where literature was a rarity and it was the best interpretation of how things came to be at that time. Such a book would never get taken seriously if it were written now but you Christians cling onto that belief that we are merely servants and it’s those people who will live and die without ever experiencing a life of freedom. On your short time on this planet you’re wasting time worshipping someone who hasn’t had the decency to even show himself. It’s all a bit convenient isn’t it? If you are born in India you’d have Hindu beliefs and if you were born in Ancient Greece you’d believe in the mythical Greek gods… But it’s so obviously the same — a way of filling in the blanks. So yes, I do pity you… And envy you. I wish I would live in that naive bubble blindly believing whatever I’m told… But I took the time to educate myself (not with phoney falsities about how the bible ‘proves’ science… What b.s that is) but a real understanding and knowledge of how science proves our existence. So yes, I pity you. and unfortunately you Christians have the ability to hear our side of the coin, whereas we have endured thousands of years of your religious falsities. It’s a shame in 2016 we still cling onto fairytales.

      4. All I can do is laugh. And you call me the brainwashed one. The first verses of the Bible were written 5000 years ago yet matches science perfectly. The Bible states this planet floats in space 3000 years before science confirm it. ROFLOL

      5. Now that I am done laughing. You accused of not studying science. Yet I have. It is obvious you are guilty of not studying the Bible for yourself but have swallowed hook line and sinker some ignorant professor’s every word. I have fully studied both. Am I an expected in both? No. However I know that events in the Bible the predate the very word “science” fit perfectly within science. If you are so perfect and correct go study the Bible since it is obvious you haven’t and are merely a mouth piece of the dogmatic teachings of the progressive agenda. Sorry, can’t type anymore, back your laughing again

  2. Humanity isn’t 5000 years old. We had near enough fully evolved by them. But our ancestors aren’t thousands of years old… Try millions. You are clearly uneducated and have zero ability to compete against science when your main argument is the bible reinforces science which is not a Matter of faith but simply untrue. I am not the brainwashed one. I’m not the one abiding by a ridiculous book and worshipping someone who claimed to be the son of ‘God’ you need to open your eyes. I am free from the brainwashing and have made logical conclusions based solely on evidence and nothing else. I base my views on what I can PROVE without the need to believe in this pathetic excuse of an explanation to how the world became. You will die along with the rest of us and be wiped from existence with zero eternity. Your life ends when you die and science will never explain the concept of heaven and eternity because it’s too ridiculous to even entertain. Good luck in heaven.

    1. I said the Bible not humanity…. when you decide to to start thinking for yourself and stop being s parrot get back to me…. I actually thick the earth is older than 5000 years

      1. Think? I know! The world is 4 billion years old and that time has allowed us to evolved. I’d never be a parrot… Your words are too shameful to repeat back to you. And the bible is not 5000 years old… Check your facts

  3. And I am the one thinking for myself. It is you who doesn’t think for yourself. You are the one listening the words of others without using your own mind to reach conclusions. You need educating

    1. The mere fact that you think the carbon dating system is not flawed proves that I actually do think. I studied science in a school like you. I studied the Bible on my own. Word for word all the way back to the original Hebrew, Arimaic and Greek. I found those that “taught” their religion called “science” to desire one thing. Dominion over their slaves, I means students. They are the tool of their true master and aren’t even aware they are….. much like yourself.

      1. Religion was created to dominate and control the masses ! How can science possibly EVER be accused of being an attempt to create slavery? It is absolutely ridiculous !!! Science merely explains the unexplained with EVIDENCE something which religion has absolutely none of. And the carbon dating system is not flawed. There are gaps because we are still discovering. But it is absolutely 100% accurate and undeniably adequate in dating artifices and bones. It isn’t something which can possibly be contested and anyone who contests it is absolutely stupid. The science you ‘studied’ at school is the the beginning of an endless journey of discovery! How can a rational person believe otherwise ? Therefore you are simply irrational, close minded and so set in your ways I may as well be talking to a pineapple

      2. You are living proof in every word you type and still think the earth is that old when the moment they confirmed the asteroid hit the Yucatan Peninsula the carbon dating system went out the window

      3. Bullshit. The earth IS 4 billion years old. That is proven and cannot be contested how can you possibly think otherwise ? Explain it with evidence and don’t use your religion as an answer

      4. Your so stuck in your science you figure it out. You tell me to rethink my belief yet you are unwilling to do the same when the is evidence it is flawed and wrong. You got me laughing again…. we’re done. Type all you like I won’t bother to respond since you officially just lost the debate

  4. Lol! I will NEVER lose to a Christian and anybody who has a brain cell in their head would totally agree. Your opinion means nothing because it is absolutely uneducated and simply stupid. Why the hell would I ever rethink my beliefs ? I analysed religion and wasn’t stupid enough to believe it. It is for the small minded…. And it works for them. And the millions and millions of accurate scientific discoveries we’ve made over the millennia all have EVIDENCE to back it up and PROOF. Your ‘God’ has absolutely none. Zero. Solely reliant on faith ! You will never ever be right and it’s a shame you’ve wasted your life in these ancient fairytales.

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