Are you ready to go to jail?

As we get further into this century. As we look about us and more and more of the signs Christ warned us to look out for become a reality. We must come to the most drastic of choices.
Are you willing to be placed in jail? Have your job taken from you. Have your personal possessions taken from you. Be left with nothing but the clothes the government issues you to wear.
Well are you?
Many of you reading this will scoff or laugh at what I am stating here, of what I am asking here.
There is already evidence of this. The Mideast and the acts of ISIS against those that profess to be Christian and refuse to turn their backs upon their faith are brutally murdered. Christian are made to look the villain, the pariah, the small minded in this very nation.
Fewer and fewer go to church, many that are young don’t even know you are to go to church on Sunday mornings to worship the Savior and His Father the Creator of all.
Yet you do not see the time coming that will imprison you?
Sad very sad.