Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: Laniakea

What the purist scientist didn’t see that I noticed immediately as a Christian.
When you look at how scientist place us within the universe and how they are discovering more and more about the universe just affirms to me the glory of our Creator God.
Here is what I saw that I have seen before when they placed our solar system within the Milky Way galaxy. For the galaxy they found us to be toward the end of one of the spirals.
Within the supercluster of galaxies, now called Laniakea, they placed the Milk Way at the end of an arm, nearly by itself and separate from other large groups and galaxies.
As with the Milky Way we are of on the side separate and on our own. Not at the center, not an important part of the overall galaxy.
Yet still humanity things itself as something special and alone.
All this tells me is that God does not wish us to think of ourselves and something more than what He has made us to be. Those that are to follow Him and accept His Son as Our Savior.
So that someday once all that is destine for this earth to take place. We will be able to explore not only all of the Milky Way, but all of Laniakea and beyond. Doing so as His dutiful servants helping to spread His wondrous glory throughout the universe that we are only now to see and yet have no true concept of how it all works towards His glory.

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