The truth hidden in a lie

This is a trick that had been used for decades within the movie industry. They release a movie to the world as a fantasy, a fiction, but within in is the truths they seek to accomplish. What I find interesting though is that what they wish to achieve ends up being the evil within their little morality plays.
Here are four examples. Logan’s Run, Divergence, The Hunger Games and the Giver.
All four show a purist socialist society. All four of these societies limit the freedoms of humanity. All four have a protagonist seeking to escape from this repressive culture. This is what humanity will always seek to do. Why?
For they see the truth. That socialism is repressive, controlling and deadly.
Let’s start with deadly. Prime examples can been seen within Logan’s Ran and the Giver. They show the elderly be sent off to another place that is special and wonderful. In Logan’s Run they fly into the air and are disintegrated. In the Giver they are sent to Elsewhere. As you find out later they are euthanized in what is obviously an execution chamber.
Along with the death, you will see none that are unhealthy, none that have handicaps. Why? Again as is shown clearly with the Giver is the unhealthy children are killed as well.
This is what those that are the elitist seek to achieve. This is the ultimate goal they wish to get too.
Those like myself that remember the last years of the United Soviet SOCIALIST Republic (U.S.S.R). Remember the bread lines just to get bread and butter and some canned goods to survive till the next time their number came up to repeat the process all over again. All the time required to go to work and make the products for the military machine, as well as the decadent luxuries for the elitist in power. All the while the poor, which were the majority, since the middle class happen wiped out, just strived to survive or sought ever harder to join the elitist which they were promised they would be a part of via the military or some government service or job. The thing is the government jobs were just meant to repress them even more. Totally designed not to allow them into the elitist realm. This is the controlling aspect of socialism.
The repressive part is that they limit those the elitist control. That is the majority. You have to understand. The one percent that are the evil monster the elitist talk about and demonize, is themselves. Those that get you to hate the one percent refuse to tell you that is it they, they are referring too. They have such insight into how they think and work because they know firsthand and so say it from experience of personally doing these very acts.
Now for the protagonist. The ones that learn the truth. That seek the freedom from the evil repressive socialist culture. The ones the elitist demonize and turn their pawns against. Who are they in the world?
That is a simple answer. The ones that say you must love humanity. The ones that say that all people are equal and blessed to live in freedom. That all have the chance at a beautiful and blessed reality. They are seeking to be Christian and have a true desire to do that which is right and good.The Bible says to be humble. Yet to treat every single person as equals.
One thing the elitist do is to separate cause strive to cause conflict. We are told to shun those that have elitist mentalities. For as long as humanity turns from God there will always be those that think they are better and know what is best for the rest.
Mark 10:42 – So Jesus called them together and said, “You know that the rulers in this world lord it over their people, and officials flaunt their authority over those under them.
So here is what people need to think about. If the villainous society in these movies is a totalitarian socialist and small community. In which the elderly and unfit babies are killed. History is totally removed or changed to make the free society look to be the true enemy. Yet the hero figure of these morality plays seeks and succeeds to not only leave it but bring about its downfall. Why are so many seeking to enter into a socialist society? For one reason the truth is being removed, called a lie and made to look like the villain. In fact they try to pass off the evil socialist society within these movie as something it is not. All the while true history is being rewritten to look different then it really was. The truth that due to massive influx of government involvement, extended and made worse the Great Depression. The truth that forcing government control of the health industry is resulting and designed to cause it to collapse so that a single payer system, otherwise known as a socialist system can be implemented. Yet a prime example of a single payer system is already in effect and has causes the death of thousands of veterans and the system itself is full of greed and corruption, the VA administration. That the killing of babies from undesirables was actually a woman choice, when in reality they are following the desires of the elitist that wish to diminish the population especially within groups they consider less than themselves, which includes those that have fully embraced their lies. This is known as Planned Parenthood.
Then we have these four movies I have shown above that show how first off these comminutes are post-apocalyptic. So their desire is to cause war and destruction at any cost and only the one percent i.e. the elitist and the strong survive. This implies that those that are pushing Darwinist philosophies are part of the structure to cause conflict within the large population groups encouraging war, death and destruction to the point of an all-out war which will cause a massive reduction of the population. What is important to point out though is that those that are elitist are in actuality not the strongest or the fittest and usual those that would be culled in the killing and slaughter of the old. Yet somehow they will be exempt, special, for they are the architects of this disaster and the reconstruction into their totalitarian socialist society that is to come with the few survivors that are left from the collapse of the truly free society. That is their fantasy and their dream.
Second any that do not conform are quickly weeded out or found out for they are a threat to the elitist control. Then they are removed most likely through death.
Third, strict rules governing language, social interaction and personal behavior must be followed and the people will be under constant and unending surveillance to make sure no rules are broken to the point of removing the person from the socialist society, again most likely through death. This is now seen in certain words that are no longer “nice” to use and should no longer be said. This is PC talk, an attack on free speech. Yet people are saying this is how it should be and are not fighting it sense they do not wish to offend. This is also handled through the media by giving a false narrative and no longer pursuing the truth.
Fourth selective breeding. Only those that will produce those with the right qualities will be allowed to reproduce. Either through selective pairing or cloning. None that are worthy will be sterilized if they have a purpose or again killed.
So here is the truth hidden in a lie. This is the goals of the rich and elitist that think humans should govern humans. This is the mentality of the elitist that say there is no God. This is what we were warned in the Bible were those that are of the world. Yet millions flock to their words thinking that they are special. That they shall be amongst the chosen few to rule the world. Yet most that survive would continue to be nothing but pawns and fodder for the slaughter yet to take place. Nothing more than a dumb animal to those that are within the elitist and exclusive circle of the very very few.
This is not what is promised within the Bible. This is not what Christ died for upon the cross. This is not why Christ came to live on the third day and existed the tomb for. Jesus Christ the Son of God knows the lies and sees them for what they are. He knows that those that divide the people one against the other and looks down upon their fellow humans is destine to the pit of fire for they listen to their father. The father of all lies, Satan.
Yet still millions listen to these lies and believe it to be true, again why? For the truth has been removed more and more from the world. A world that knows that human nature is to seek after lust. Lust for money. Lust for power. Lust for control. Lust for sex in all its forms. This is what Jesus came to end and those with the elitist powers and controls do not wish you to learn the truth. So they bury it within lies. As I have heard it said many times. The best lie is one that has elements of the truth within it. That is what is behind the success of these four movies, the truth within them.

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