Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: the right one

I must admit for those that have been following me for some time that I have been married three times. Now those that are not familiar with the teachings of the Bible and about marriage and sin. We are given the instruction that if we divorce God would prefer we never remarry. However if we are tempted to enter into sin through the lack of physical relations due to the removal of the spouse, then we are instructed to remarry. So this argument that someone has been married a lot and so they are not a true “Christian,” is a red herring and a diversion from the truth. Enough soapboxing. Why this post?
Well as I said I have been married three times. In this last situation both my wife and I had given up on ever finding happiness within a married relationship. Yet we both were on Christian Mingle for years, and never encountered each others profiles. We were both miserable and had decided that was how it was to remain. We both said to God if it is Your will for us to be with someone You Lord will have to guide us to them. That is what precisely what happened. In a few days we will have been with each other for two years.
Two years that have given me a new insight into life. A look at how marriage was supposed to be for everyone. Coupled and joined by God.
My wife is my best friend and fun to be with. Time away from her is time we both feel is wasted, but it is necessary for how the world is now designed to function. Do we argue? Yes. Do we hurt each other’s feelings? Time to time, yes again.
Still I cannot picture my life without her a part of it. A life we both know and acknowledge will last not just in this temporal existence, but into the eternal life that is to come that is promised us by Jesus Christ.
This I can say without reservation. If I had met her a day sooner or even before that we would not have made it. For us both acknowledge that it took the trials and tribulations that God has had us journey through to know who it is we are to be with. We know that we are the right one for each other.
I love you my wife. Now and forever.

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  1. The Lord heard our prayer and gave us each other. He always provides our needs and sometimes our wants! He is a great powerful loving God! Our marriage is proof that prayer works!!

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