Misunderstanding how to view leaders

There are many leaders in this world. There are small group leaders. There is leaders on a city council. There are mayors, governors, and leaders of a nation. There is also leaders within religion.
Over the years I have been alive I have seen something that per the Bible should not be taking place. People are worshipping these leaders. Within religion for example, to be precise, within Catholicism, people actually worship the pope.
This is placing another “god” before the Creator of this universe, the one and true God. Simply, they have broken one of the commandments. Since it is a commandment it is also seen as a very grievous sin. Yet still may do this. They do it without even realizing they are replacing God if they even acknowledge there is a God (just for the record I do believe in God, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.)
Yet I will almost bet if you confront someone with these facts they will either deny it, or cast the “judgment card.” That is a very sad commentary on how these people treat their faith and belief in He that allowed that they should enter into this temporal existence.
If any leader encourages you to worship them. They should be cast out as soon as possible and no longer listened too. That is until sometime they prove that they have changed and are repentant and sorry for they lust of power and control.
But that is only part of the issue. The other part of the issue is those that turn to the creation of God and decide to worship that which was created and not the Creator. These are the people that say things like what was reported by a woman in Louisiana. Saying to a presidential candidate:
“I knew you would come. I knew you would be here for us!”
This is incorrect for someone that acknowledges the existence of God. Did this woman know of or acknowledge there is a God? I have no idea. However for one human to say something like this to another human, a creation of God is against biblical teachings and commandments. Does this woman if she does acknowledge there is a God have an awareness of these instructions within the Bible? Again I have no idea.
I understand the issues in Louisiana with the flooding that has taken place. Their prayer should not be turned to those they can see, but to the One that is ever present.
Now this brings up a point. As we know one of the candidates did go to this terrible situation. The other candidate and the person that holds the office the candidates seek to hold show the other aspect of the coin. Those that demand that they be worshipped and followed without question. These per the Bible display all the signs of worldly leaders. They are haughty and they lord over those that they see as beneath them.
They are a perfect example of why humans should never worship humans for they fall deeper into sin by thinking they are a savior or someone that is better than any other human upon the surface of this planet.
As I have stated before. We are all equals in the sight of the Lord our God. So no other human is any better than another. But when others worship them they begin to think otherwise, to not only their detriment, but to the ones that worship them.
Those that are being worshipped should insist strongly to never have any treat them as such for they should know that by worshipping and being worshipped they are insulting God.

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