Progressives – those committed to destruction: a Christian perspective

What prompted this was an article from CNN that suggested that progressives should consider being Pro-life.
Let’s start here with this view of abortion.
A key figure within the progressive movement was Margaret Sanger, a woman who was a promoter of eugenics and the founder of Planned Parenthood.
What is “eugenics?”
It is the study of or belief in the possibility of improving the qualities of the human species or a human population, especially by such means as discouraging reproduction by persons having genetic defects or presumed to have inheritable undesirable traits (negative eugenics) or encouraging reproduction by persons presumed to have inheritable desirable traits (positive eugenics) per
Now you need to understand that progressives see themselves conforming to “positive eugenics” while those that have a belief in a God, or are of a race of people that is seen as inferior to themselves, or even people that have mental issues are the “negative eugenics” material.
A key element within this belief of superiority is the killing of those seen to be those that are inferior to their point of view.
Ms. Sanger saw inferiority in drunkards, those with mental disabilities and of the black race. As to the latter she even attended a Klan rally in New Jersey to promote her agenda to establish what would later be called “Planned Parenthood.”
The Bible makes it clear that all humanity is equal to one another. Yet even in the Bible there are those that saw themselves as superior.
Matthew 20:25 – But Jesus called them together and said, “You know that the rulers in this world lord it over their people, and officials flaunt their authority over those under them.
Those that consider themselves “progressive” desire to be the “rulers in this world.” This is their only oppression and goal.
Yet who is the ruler of the world?
2 Corinthians 4:4 – Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.
So in reality those that embrace progressivism have been blinded by Satan and so are his tools to use and manipulate as he sees fit. This will ultimately lead to their final destination which is the same destination of their master.
Revelation 20:10 – Then the devil, who had deceived them, was thrown into the fiery lake of burning sulfur, joining the beast and the false prophet. There they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.
Yet how can I say this? For those that desire to supplant God and desire to do all things through humanity forget one key factor:
Mark 7: 20 – And then he added, “It is what comes from inside that defiles you. 21 For from within, out of a person’s heart, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, 22 adultery, greed, wickedness, deceit, lustful desires, envy, slander, pride, and foolishness. 23 All these vile things come from within; they are what defile you.”
Revelation 21:8 “But cowards, unbelievers, the corrupt, murderers, the immoral, those who practice witchcraft, idol worshipers, and all liars—their fate is in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”
Now another point that came to my attention. There are those in the progressive community that think conservatives desire for children to starve. This is a lie and a misnomer. Here is reality:
Due to a progressive agenda Franklin D. Roosevelt actually caused more starvation by actually intensifying the Great Depression due to the creation of hundreds of government groups; those taking the needed money from those in need within the nation at that time.
Progressive politicians have had control of Detroit, Baltimore, and Chicago for decades and not only are children starving, but they are fatherless, crime is rampant as well as murder. The welfare system, which is a progressive agenda has by its very policy broken up families and encourages their breaking apart. This is to keep those that the progressive see as inferior to themselves as downtrodden and able to be manipulated to their desires by promises of gaining wealth from those that are shown to be the ones keeping them down. Those in poor communities are truly being kept that way to be puppets which have their strings pulled by those within the progressive movement. They are those that are within the elite of the progressive hierarchy. They are extremely rich, and increase in their wealth, while those they state they are for become poorer and poorer and truly kept starving. Not only with food, but financial security. So those that state they wish to stop the starvation of children are in actuality the ones actually supporting and causing the very starvation they say they seek to end. On top of which it is the progressive agenda that caused and wishes to escalate abortion. So any that calls themselves progressive only desire starvation and death.
Just as Matthew clearly states. The progressives lord it over those beneath them and flaunt their authority, and by doing so cause that which they say they wish to end.
This means that any that calls themselves “progressive” in either political party are destine to destruction.
The only way to prevent this road to damnation is to turn to the truth and accept the love and teaching of Jesus Christ, which is the only way to true and splendorous rewards. Rewards which are not of this world, but are of and for eternity.
So which is it? An eternity in agony and fire by being “progressive;” or in eternal salvation by accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior. It is your choice.

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