Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: the loss

I have a friend that I still only see on Facebook now. He has said he wanted to get together during the summer but he never contacted me.
I watch his post time to time. I see his likes as well.
I watch as I see someone that was on the right track toward God and was growing in his faith.
Now, partly due to his profession, which I will not mention, has exposed him to those on the left more than those on the side of Christ.
I see him supporting the views and stand point of those that have openly turned their backs upon God.
I have tried to reach out, but I see him falling further and further away.
I have said some prayers upon the issue, but it becomes worse and worse.
To be honest I don’t even know if he was saved when we went to church together.
You see I left that church due to its lukewarmness, and the lack of the pastor to address this issue.
He felt he could reach more being in a place of grey. That mentality was stalling my growth toward God through His Son my Savior.
Growing in faith and belief in God and His Son is not something you can go halfway through and say you are there. It is an ongoing and continual journey that never ends till God calls you to stand before Him.
If not we run into the situation I am now relating to you and all I can think of is John 15.

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