It amazes me how people are so insulted by the fact that they will have to type out the word “God” that they force themselves to instead type out “G_d.”
It is okay to say “God.” It is okay to type out “God.” That is, unless your intent is to demean and diminish He that created this entire universe.
Maybe that is it. The only way they see God is as blasphemy, so to them not fully spelling it will in some way spare them. Too bad it doesn’t work like that.
If all someone has is hate and disbelief in the Creator that is their choice. The Bible makes it clear that many will chose the world and this short temporal life over their Creator and billions upon billions of year of exploration and wonder, well in addition to service to God.
But to fear fully typing out “God?”
I do not fear God’s wrath.
I fear sinning against Him.
I fear disappointing Him and myself.
God is our creator, our true Father.
Yes our bodies were conceived by the mating of two other humans, but the Bible makes it clear that our souls, our very being comes from God Himself.
It is how we choose to respond to this.
God states that He loves us all, but we must choose to come to Him in humility. Not in pride, not with an ego. Not thinking that we are the masters.
The ultimate goal of humanity is to enter into service for God. Going where He commands. Do what He commands. It is just a better and more glorious job. All to honor and glorify Him. For it is He that created everything and everyone and He deserves to be honored and worshipped.

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