An Open Letter: To those Republicans being offended by the vulgarity of Donald Trump

First off let’s get this straight from the beginning. I have not nor will I ever be a supporter of Donald Trump.
This open letter is to address those that are now thinking of rejecting Trump for president.
This worldly man has been this way the entire time and you are just now publicly seeing the truth. This is the “October surprise” from the Democratic Party.
If this is the best they can come up with then they have nothing in comparison to their crimes.
Prime and very visual comparison. The results of Hurricane Matthew upon Haiti. As the death toll nears 900, how many of these now dead would be alive if the housing promised by the Clinton Foundation would have actually been built after the earthquake that stuck that nation in 2010?
Here is the thing. During the primaries people had the chance to pick someone else, but instead everyone ran to Donald Trump as their savior. As you now see he is just a man. He also has been.
Now the die is cast. It is Trump or it is the criminal Hillary Clinton that per the wording of FBI director Comey shouldn’t even be running. He listed off her crimes and then stated that they would not press charges, but IF ANYONE ELSE were to commit these crimes they would be charged. This shows that the entire government is corrupt and she should have been charged and not allowed to run.
The fact that they are trying to influence people with these surprises shows that they cannot rig the voting machines. They can however commit voter fraud in other ways as the recent mall terrorist showed us by illegally voting in the last three elections. The fact that they are even trying to influence your vote shows that we the people can still pick our leader and they fear that you will pick Trump over the person that shouldn’t even be running at all.
As we now see Trump is exactly as I have always known him to be. The worst candidate ever, but we must remember this also. He is not the first to be crude and vulgar. Lindon B. Johnson was crude and vulgar as well as openly committed adulterous acts right in front of his wife Lady Bird Johnson and he was a Democrat.
To those that call themselves “Christian” and chose this man to follow, and are now offended by him. Remember it was your vote, if you voted for him in the primaries, which helped place him in this position. It was your abandonment of the teaching of the Bible that caused this man to be your savior. A mere man over the Son of God your true Savior. You are now seeing that you are hypocrites. Now you must deal with the consequences of your choice. Repent and return to God, but understand you must now face the choices that you have made for at least four years. By now rejecting your “savior” you choose to support those that wish to remove God altogether from this nation.
When you do not vote for Trump, you support those that happily support the murder of the unborn. You support those that openly support sins which are stated clearly within the Bible will not be allowed into heaven. When you support an organization, the Democratic Party, which supports corrupt and is proud that they lie and care for nothing but their own wellbeing. You help choose the breaking of the covenant that our founding fathers made with God for this nation. The result will be sorrow to all.
Understand this though. No matter which candidate wins, Trump or Clinton. This nation, this world will still suffer for the next four years. Due to the continued rejection of God. But the degree to which the United States in particular suffers will be which of these two people becomes president. It will be worse for the U.S. under those that openly reject God as the last eight years have already shown everyone.
So now decide. Take your pick. The vulgar or the criminal, which is it to be?

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