Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: the temp

Where I work time to time they let people that are from the production floor temporarily step up to being a manager.
In many cases this is something that is good for those that do it. Then there are times when it is best that they never stepped up to the plate.
You must also understand that where I work we are in a down turn in business, but that is another story all together. The only reason I mention it is any chance of stepping into a permanent management position in this environment is not going to happen. So once the temp role is no longer needed the person goes back to the floor.
Now you also ask what does this have to do with Christianity. That I am getting to.
At this time I have over my area a temp manager due to the areas main managers being sent overseas for a National Guard deployment.
Now I started talking to this temp and he professed to be a Christian. An additional fact you need to know about myself is that for twenty plus years I was involved with management as well. So much so I no longer have any desire to partake of it, especially where I now work.
Now that I have established those two points I will continue.
As I said he stated he was a Christian. So out of some friendly advice I gave him the best counsel I could.
“Always place you team members as your priority even over upper management.”
When you are a true Christian you would apply the teachings of the Bible into all that you do.
Christ Himself established how leaders should behave. They should make of themselves servants to those they lead. As you can see my advice and the Bible are in sync.
Now I also understand that when it comes to those in upper management especially if they are not living a Christian life have not concept of this. Their only goal is to reach those desired numbers for any given period. Placing a company over humans is one of the greatest failings in today’s society and work environment.
Needless to say in every opportunity for this temp manager to show his true focus, that being God or himself and his career it was himself that he chose.
Now in his defense he did state that he was new to Christianity and he has to learn to change the way he thinks, but still, when I was able to talk to him and did establish that certain actions of his were not in line with the Bible. The comments and suggestions I made went in one ear and out the other.
I later found out that when on the floor he would like to go up to his manager and converse in Spanish ratting out his fellow employees. Also when one person on the team accidently over ran some hours on one procedure within the tasks assigned to them he ran and informed the second level management. Again this is not the actions of someone who professes to be Christian. All his actions said “me,me,me!”
As I have stated in the past that all sin originates through selfishness and being self-centered. When all you care about is your own goals and rewards here in this temporal existence. Then this is all you shall ever have. Eternal reward can only be achieved by placing God at the center of everything you do. From how you act with those you have been asked to manage to how you interact with those above you.
Every time he has the chance to absorb some comment from upper management to protect those under him, he failed. Especially when those he did not take the brunt of the attack for were performing their jobs in a timely manner and with good quality. As a result he lost their respect. What is worse is that he will return to the floor and may be placed in a position alongside those he has lost the respect of. Do you think they will join him in co-worker comradery?
A Christian has a tough line to follow in such real life situations, but God never said the path to salvation would be the wide and easy road, but the narrow and rough one. I truly feel sorry for this young man. He has a long way to go in his growth toward Christ if he is even truly headed down that narrow road, it is hard to tell at this time.

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