The point of refraction

What does refraction have to do with belief in God?
Actually when looked at it with the correct concept, everything.
In the history reported within the Bible is the story of God’s promises to a single group of people, the descendants of Abraham through Isaac. At this time there is approximately sixteen million Jewish people now living upon this planet. They are the light of God unto the world before Christ.
God promised that the One who would allow all of humanity the ability to stand before God would come through them. That is Jesus Christ, the prism, the point to which the light of God was aiming at.
Then Christ went onto the cross. An innocent and sinless being died the most horrid and seen as the death for only the worst of the worst upon the planet at that time. This was the point of refraction within the prism. On the third day Christ arose from the dead and upon that day the light escaped the prism to shine into a rainbow.
Now there are 7.3 billion people on this planet and everyone one of them due to the rainbow that left the prism have the chance to be seen and accepted by God.
All due to the point of refraction, Jesus Christ. All they need do is ask Him to be their Savior.

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