Confessions of a screwed up middle aged male: The left is dumbfounded

I watch and I listen to the news and to how people have responded to the events in November and as they continue on into this month. Magazine covers were printed, celebrations planned ahead of time. To the left they had won. For the world was moving in their direction. Humanity was righteous and pure, even though they openly flaunted their corruption and hatred for those that were not like them.
The United States had finally become atheistic. God had been removed. God had been defeated. God was dead. Now humanity would rein over humanity. Oh excuses me, The Progressive Leftist would reign and rule over the rest, and majority of humanity.
Now understand. Mr. Trump is not the second coming. He is not our savior. I only voted for him because I could not see an unrepentant liar, thieve, criminal and traitor be elected the president of this nation. The presidency is not lordship over this nation. It is an office to run the federal government and to be the face to the world of this nation. Something Mrs. Clinton never has been nor has Obama.
This election was truly a struggle for the souls of this nation. It was a struggle that is not over yet. The left is entrenched into the media, our courts, and our schools and within the working parts of our federal government.
Their goals have been stalled, but not defeated. They did not expect what happened. They did not count upon those that still belief in right. In law and order. In God and His Son Jesus Christ.
Most did not vote FOR Trump, but against those on the left and their agenda. Yet still they just don’t understand, they are dumbfounded.

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