“Rules don’t matter to me!”

These are the words most say and think. This is also the best indicator of an unsaved soul.
“WHAT?” someone just shouted.
Yes, this is a true statement.
“But I am saved!” another says.
You only think you are.
The Bible makes it very clear. A sign of a child of God is the willingness to obey the teachings of God. No government comes into power without the approval of God. Governments make laws and rules. Companies make rules. In Titus 3:1 we are instructed to follow the laws and the rules make by government and any in some form of power over the individual. Jesus even states when paying taxes, to give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.
Yet people every day do as they please. They speed, they break rules, because they are tiresome to them. These rules and laws cause them not to sleep in. not to stay up late. Take shortcuts in the tasks they are assigned to do. Not work even though they can. Take handicap parking away from those that are truly handicapped. All this is a sign of a selfish, self-serving mentality. All of this is the sign of a sinner.
Those that truly seek to be a reflection of Jesus Christ know the Bible as best they can. They know that the laws and the rules of mankind, which do not go against the Bible, come in some minor to major way from the Bible or the teachings of the Bible. Since we love God, through this love we willingly conform to these rules and laws.
For they are not inconvenient, but necessary to show we desire to honor God through His Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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