The scapegoat reply

I have noticed that whenever people get themselves cornered by the truth within the Bible that they try to turn the facts onto the actions of those that are no longer with us. Those in for example our nation’s history. When they do this they are trying to side step the facts. They are trying to legitimize their own faults and failures to God by showing the failures and in many times extreme failures of those that can no longer voice a defense for their actions. This is the “scapegoat reply.”
The enemy is those in the past. It is their fault, it is their actions that have led to this reality. This is hokum.
We, individually, are only responsible for our own actions and our own choices. If we choose to learn to count on others to tell us what “truth is” is our personal responsibility.
Galatians 6: 4 Pay careful attention to your own work, for then you will get the satisfaction of a job well done, and you won’t need to compare yourself to anyone else. 5 For we are each responsible for our own conduct.
We are to learn the Bible ourselves. To read, to study it. To seek the true understanding of the Bible. Too many take the words of fellow humans and assume they know more than they do. In cases this may be true, but we are to verify, we are to prove, we are to validate.
To blame those of the past for the failures of today’s society is an escapism. It is an attempt to remove the responsibility of your actions which have been wrong and led the destruction.
One of the major evidences of this is those that say since “whites” were the slave masters then we are to take form all “white” just because we are suffering and poor. Did you get up and try to get a job today? Did you try and clean up your community today? Did you try and convince others that to destroy, to steal, to hurt others just because the group as a whole has nothing is wrong? If the answer is “no” to these questions then you are the ones at fault, not the “whites.” They for one are not one hundred and eighty years old. No one is that old that is walking upon this planet at this time. So it is not their fault for your problems. You are at fault for your problems.
Do you know the Bible? Do you know Jesus? Do you place the teaching of the Bible at the core of all your actions? For the Bible teaches that we cannot steal. We cannot covet what belongs to others. We cannot murder. We must respect our community. We must respect and even place our fellow humans before our own selfish lust and desires.
If you are not living as the Bible teaches then you are not serving Jesus Christ but yourselves and are breaking the very first commandment.
Repent. Take responsibility for your actions. Take responsibility for your life. Bend a knee to Christ and ask Him into your life or if you have reaffirm your relationship with the true Savior of humanity.
Jesus will never leave us, but due to free-will we can abandon Him.

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