Minimalism, tiny houses, liberals and Christianity

A trend that has been growing for the last four to five years has been the sudden realization that less is better. Well that is what several shows, documentaries and liberal movements have led many to believe.
The Christian faith, something that many on the left wish to deny, has always taught to live in moderation. Not to live in excess or luxurious ways. This is something that many that call themselves “Christian” have forgotten or never knew. Why? Mainly because they took the word of a person in a pulpit or on a dais that never told them that they were sinning by seeking to be wealthy and seeking after the bigger and best things. Again why? Because those that were called leaders of the church sought after worldly rewards themselves. Becoming sinners themselves. So how could they teach of moderation? To do so would label them as what they were or are, hypocrites.
Now suddenly those upon the left have discovered this great idea. Living with less. However, what is the real reason for this sudden interest to be able to live with less? The answer, Socialism. A key element in the control of the masses is to keep them poor and broke. A prime and current example: Venezuela. So those that embrace this great “new” trend to live with less will be those that will become the leaders of this “new” movement and in time they see themselves rising to live in the promised land of temporal elitism. The thing is those that are the elitist now and their offspring and chosen select, which are those that associate with them on a daily basis, will be the only ones that ever make it to elitism; otherwise known as the rich and famous. This was seen with the royalty and their elitist mentality that eventually led to both the American and French Revolutions.
There is nothing new here. It is just people awakening, or more accurately, reawakening to the truth. That they are living with more than they need or require. For deep within our souls, be they saint or sinner, we know what is right. This is explained in Romans 1.
So the real question is, what do we do about it? The answer is simple. Embrace minimalism and the tiny house culture, but do so in the correct light. That of following the teachings of the Bible and not hording our earthly riches and only living on what we need to live day to day and giving the rest to those with true need. First to our fellow Christians then to the sinners.
Once we make this major step we will in time see the rewards we are promised once we move on into our eternal life that is as real as the live we now live, with major differences covered by accepting Jesus as our Savior or rejecting Him. Other than that it will truly last billions upon billions of years, either in service to God and exploring ALL of God’s creation or in a very warm and uncomfortable place.

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