Nature vs. Nurture the Biblical view

There are those that strongly believe the theory that has been placed out there that some are born a certain way. The main reason behind this theory is designed to overcome the Bible and thus show that it is a nothing but a book. What is to follow is purely me stating what I find to be shown as facts within the teaching given within this book, but we must first have a starting point. Mine is God’s view of children.
Jesus stated that he wishes all to come to Him as if they were children, innocent and pure. This means that up until children enter into their teenage years they are not held accountable for their sins. Why? Because they are learning. They are being taught right from wrong from their parents, their spiritual leaders and teachers. They are being given the foundations of knowledge that will lead to how they should respond when they are presented with either sinning or not sinning in various encounters they will have as they go from being a child into an adult.
It is during these teenage years that we are presented with free-will. For only as we head toward and then become adults are we held accountable for our actions. This is why many Protestant and Pentecostal churches do not wish people to become baptized until their teenage years and beyond because they have made the free-will choice to turn to Christ and accept Him as their Savior. This is why it is important to teach children of the Bible and the meaning of right and wrong as well as what is considered sin during their informative years. So when it comes time to make a free-will choice it will be with an understanding that they may be exposing themselves to sin. Many will choose to do so and because it was a free-will decision they are more than welcome to do so.
So now that we have established that children are born innocent and pure and without sin. How can someone state that they are born into a sin nature? How can they come into this world already fully encumbered with free-will when they are a clean slate? You cannot. Yet this is how those that state nature causes someone to come into the world full of sin. This is actually counter to the teachings of the Bible, which tells all to teach their youth of God and His Word. For to say that someone is born already tainted it negates the statement Christ made wishing all to come to Him as if they were children. For children would already be accountable for free-will from the moment they are born, which they are not. So since those that say it is through nature that someone ends up someway then this rules out the existence of God, which is exactly what they wish people to believe.
But what if there is a God and the Bible is correct and a new born babe is free of sin and only becomes aware of it as they grow and become accountable for it as they come into adulthood. Then this promotes that it is through nurturing that someone decides to enter into any type of sin and since this is how the Bible states it is and should be then there is a God and it is through teaching children of God and what is right and wrong as well as what is considered a sin or not a sin that we reach the point of free-will fully informed of our choices and decide how we shall live our lives.
Since this is not how most are now taught due to the theory that nature is the way people sin that it ends up that people do sin, because they have been nurtured by those teaching this false idea that this theory is indeed fact when the Bible says the opposite.

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