Review: Wonder Woman (2107) SPOILER

Sorry for this being a spoiler review, but there is no way to review this movie correctly without being so.
It has always bothered me as to why they changed the origin of Wonder Woman from World War II to World War I. I got my answer as I watched the movie with my wife yesterday for she said she wished to see it. The end of WWI revolved in some degree to the Arden Forest, as did events within this film unfold. While WWII’s ending was more complex and more devastating. So I understand their need to simplify due to how they wish to approach this story.
Now their increasing her abilities to god level to me was a major mistake. First off we have to understand that it is becoming more popular within the Christianity to see polytheistic gods as what they most likely really were. The fallen angels from heaven attempt to control and rule humanity. This is given weight by the glorified Jesus Christ Himself in one of the letters to the seven churches ( The Seven Churches (Part 4) – The letter to Pergamum ). So making her the daughter of Zeus per this standpoint makes her the daughter of Satan. However the writers were heading more toward a daughter of THE God. This is played out when she makes her great statement about love.
This shows that this movie was made during the campaign for the President of the United States, and those upon the left thought Mrs. Clinton would at this time be president of the USA. Thus making her out to be the daughter of God. Here is the reason why I say this, and what is the problem with not only Mrs. Clinton, but this film.
In one of Mrs. Clinton’s speeches she said, and I quote: “The greatest commandment is love.” This is a bad interpretation of the Bible and in so doing per Galatians 1:8-9, she is cursed by God. The actual greatest commandment is to love GOD with all our heart mind and soul (Matthew 22:34-38). This means to place God at the core of our daily lives. Not ourselves or anyone or anything else. So this film took on a politic aspect the moment these words lift Wonder Woman’s lips.
The way the origin story, which is the first part of the film, was handled, was done very well. From there on it went downhill. Even the great reveal of Wonder Woman in her full gear walking across No Man’s Land was lack luster and pushed. Like most DC character films and TV shows it did not live up to the expectations and the hype.
Base Story: 2 out of 5 swords
Special effect: 4 swords out of 5
Acting: 3 out of 5 swords
Propaganda: 2 out of five (0 being totally liberal, 5 being totally Biblical)
Overall: 2.75 swords out of 5 swords.


  1. People embrace God as their “superhero” seeing Him as an all-powerful, just, and loving reality, one who longs to deliver us from darkness. That sed it just a fictional-hero storie. Greek mythology will surely be distracting or unappealing to some Christian viewers like u who don’t have a open mind it just a movie for entertainment every thing in life does not have to equal to god. So I say this to u next super hero movie u see just take it as entertainment and enjoy the time u have left.

    1. Never assume someone is close minded. No one knows all that goes through someone’s mind. All “stories” affect how people look at any given subject matter. Be that subject matter accurate history or made up and contrived statements made to look like the truth. This is born out in the behavior of most that have been going to colleges and universities for past few decades, which has resulted in the fascist groups like Antifa to come into being.
      when someone have never been fed true knowledge the ability to distinguish between a fictional story and reality becomes nearly impossible to see until it is too late in most instances.
      As Christians we are told outright to place God at the center of our lives (Matthew 22:37). This includes looking for those lies within a “story” that are meant to continue a lie made in the real world. As was pointed out the filming of this movies was done during the 2016 election. Mrs. Clinton cursed herself by publicly stating that this was a Sunday school teacher and then went out to misquote the greatest commandment, the verse above. This lie was placed within this movies.
      Movies are tools of propaganda as is born out by the Netflix documentary “Four came home.” about the four directors who made war films on WWII. It is our duty as Christians to see this and make sure all others are aware as well so they do not end up like those within Antifa, thus repeating history.

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