Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: the reality of the state of the United States

As I write this it is one day after the shooting of the Congressional Baseball Practice shooting.
When I heard about it. Many of my con-workers said something that struck a core of difference than in past attacks.
In the past when there was violence and death on a mass scale the first thing that come from their mouths was “It had be to a terrorist.”
Yesterday though it was “It must have been a Democrat.”
As it turned out, that is exactly who it was, but I need to go deeper into this situation.
I needed to test the waters. So I have learned that if I wish to hear the mindset of those upon the left all I need do is say something in the comments of a news article on one of the news services that post on Facebook.
I did this on Reuters. Here is all I said:
“About this attack on the congressional baseball practice. In past attacks be they. Here in the U.S. or overseas. The first thing I heard people say was ‘It must have been a terrorist.’
This time though I heard this:
‘It must have been a Democrat.’
Ponder on that for a bit people.”
As I suspected there was an attack upon my views right away. Note that I said nothing about my views. Also someone posted a long thing implying I was offering “fake news.” The thread went dead as soon as the identity of the shooter was revealed to be a Democrat.
Simply, those upon the left do not seek to live within reality. They live and work in the same world we do. However, as was shown not only by the attack itself, but in how those upon the left live within a belief that they are incapable of doing violence. The reality of the situation through what was shown with the “Weather Underground” to those that comprise “Antifa” today is that those that do the most violence and the most aggressive and deadly are those upon the left. This is even seen if you look back further into history and look to the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany led by Adolf Hitler. Their behavior is exactly the same as those within Antifa with no variation what so ever other than the clothes they wear and the language they speak. None can speak unless it matches what they say should be spoken, which is exactly the behavior of the Nazis.
Unfortunately, this was all prophesied within the Bible as we come closer to the return of Jesus Christ. The only difference this time though is that several of the prophecies are being fulfilled not only all at once but globally. What is mandatory to remember is that we come to understand and study the Bible fully. So that when we see signs like this from the books of prophecy within the Bible that we are able to know that this is happening. This will allow us to straighten out our lives and to live a life that is not just faith or just works. But a life that is both faith and works.
My prayers go to those shot. I will not offer prayers for those upon the left, for that would be like casting pearls before swine, which Jesus made clear we are not to do. Most know of God and of Jesus. Most know the true words of the Bible and they chose to deny them or laugh upon them as myth. It is truly sad, but we must come to terms that there will be far viewer that stand before the throne of God than most realize. Should we weep for them that are so blind? That I would say yes to.

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