The path to perfection

This is one thing that most do not understand nor do they really wish to understand. “Pilgrim’s Progress” sought to address this this very same issue, and was a core teaching for Pilgrims. It was one of many attempts to seek after an understanding of what is necessitated to meet the perfection that is glimpsed upon within the Bible.
One thing that must be made perfectly clear. No one will ever achieve perfection in this temporal existence we all live within. That includes myself. Any that say or teach otherwise do not or willfully deny the teachings of the Bible. If you actually study “Pilgrim’s Progress” you come to understand many of the things I try to articulate in my articles that I post.
Most people have an image of redemption that all that is required of them is that they acknowledge Jesus Christ and say they accept Him as their Savior. This is faith alone teachings. However, as is made clear in James 2 it is not faith alone. In fact it makes clear that faith alone is dead.
The path toward perfection is an endeavor of both faith and works. Not only an acceptance that Jesus is our Savior, but following with due diligence the teachings and the commandments within the Bible. This is something that is strongly hit upon within “Pilgrim’s Progress.”
When the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts it was from this point that this nation become dedicated to God as a Christian nation. This was this group’s reward for trying their best to follow the teachings within the Bible in their time period. Now this nation has strayed from its roots. Now more than any other time since its creation this nation is in jeopardy. This is all due to the fact that most no longer seek the correct path to perfection. They now see a path that appears to be the path to perfection, but it actually keeps them rooted here in this temporal reality. Not seeking after God, but after the fool’s gold of riches, luxuries and rewards here in this short and temporal life, with a serving of Jesus on the side.
This is not how the Bible says we are to live our lives. The true path to perfection goes through Jesus Christ with the teachings of the Bible and God at its core, with a serving of the world on the side.
Once you place the world, this temporal existence as your master, you have left the true path to perfection. This path is not a path but a highway that is not just well traveled, but is crowded to the point of a traffic jam.
The true path to perfection is both faith and works. The works that are clearly and plainly taught within the Bible. From following the speed limits to not living is sins, like homosexuality. These are things that are taught plainly and clearly. If you speed you sin, if you live in sin… well enough said there. Simply they are not on the path to perfection and it leads to the ultimate imperfection.
Follow the Bible and live a life that is both faith and works. Not faith alone, nor works alone, but both balanced for the glory of Jesus Christ and His Father our Creator God.

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  1. Reading to my children from Matthew 7 today and the verse about Jesus turning away people for practicing lawlessness hit me hard. You can prophecy, do wonderful works, and cast out demons in His name but that doesn’t guarantee salvation. Faith without good fruit is indeed dead.

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