The true way has been lost

Now why do I say this? Just look about you and see what is before your very eyes. Most go about in their lives seeking after things of the world. Fame and fortune. Luxury and leisure. This is what Jesus Himself said about things within this temporal plain:
Matthew 6:19 – “Don’t store up treasures here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 Store your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal. 21 Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.
Jesus makes it clear. To seek after all these things within the world is not the true path to God. Yet most in this world seek only after these worldly objects and believe with all their heart that they are one with God. Yet if you seek after the things of the world are you not then friends with the world?
James 4:4 – You adulterers! Don’t you realize that friendship with the world makes you an enemy of God? I say it again: If you want to be a friend of the world, you make yourself an enemy of God. 5 Do you think the Scriptures have no meaning? They say that God is passionate that the spirit he has placed within us should be faithful to him.
It is made extremely clear in these verses. People would rather be the enemy of God than to serve God in the eternal life that is to come.
Now I understand where part of the break came. It came during the Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was due to his action, that cause the depression, caused by the stock market crash of 1929, to become worse. Instead of sending money directly to those in need. He instead made this government agency and then that government agency. Making it so most of the money stayed within the government instead of making it to those desperately in need. This cause those that lived within this depression to in a way start to horde their possessions. This in turn led to a need for large houses, which in turn led to a need for more bigger and better things. Which took money away from those in need to those that that began to lust after wealth and property.
We got another glimpse of this in 2007 and 2008 when the housing market crashed. Causing several banks to go into a tailspin. Once again those in the government on both sides of the isle voted to give the money to those that caused the problem instead of to the victims. I actually did the math and as much money as the government took from the American taxpayers to give to the banks. Each legal citizen of this nation, be it adult or child, would have received $100,000 per person.
If it has gone to those in need there would be fewer poor people then there are today. Yes so banks would have went out of business, and those corporate leaders would be mostly the ones that would have ended up poor.
This is what happens when people no longer think of the way God would wish it done. This is what happens when people think they are the gods of this earth. They get this way because they have gone so far from the path to true knowledge and understanding of the Bible and its teachings, that they think they know what is best. When time and again throughout history this has proven to not be so.
Every time a past civilization falls it is due to this arrogance and a lust for things of the world. A desire to please themselves here in this temporal plain of existence. Not understanding that this time we now live is not for themselves, but to see if they would awaken to the true. That as we are tempted by the wealth and objects of this world those that seek after and desire these things do so because it is what they lust after. It is a trap that draws them in and it snaps tight about them. Breaking their will to escape from it and slowly, ever so slowly, kills them. Not in the flesh, but in the spirit. For a dead spirit will never see heaven, and that is something that brings sorrow to me as I type these words.
Reject the world. Reject the need for wealth. Reject the need for things. Reject the need for fame. For only one person deserves fame, and that is He that arose from the dead upon the third day. It is He that walked amongst us for forty days with holes in His hands and in His side. It is He that showed that God is real and that He is God’s Son. For that is who He is, Jesus Christ our Savior.
Turn to Him. No longer seek after wealth. No longer seek after fame. No longer seek after luxuries. For our reward is not within this temporal plain, but in the eternal in the service of God our Creator.

The path to perfection

This is one thing that most do not understand nor do they really wish to understand. “Pilgrim’s Progress” sought to address this this very same issue, and was a core teaching for Pilgrims. It was one of many attempts to seek after an understanding of what is necessitated to meet the perfection that is glimpsed upon within the Bible.
One thing that must be made perfectly clear. No one will ever achieve perfection in this temporal existence we all live within. That includes myself. Any that say or teach otherwise do not or willfully deny the teachings of the Bible. If you actually study “Pilgrim’s Progress” you come to understand many of the things I try to articulate in my articles that I post.
Most people have an image of redemption that all that is required of them is that they acknowledge Jesus Christ and say they accept Him as their Savior. This is faith alone teachings. However, as is made clear in James 2 it is not faith alone. In fact it makes clear that faith alone is dead.
The path toward perfection is an endeavor of both faith and works. Not only an acceptance that Jesus is our Savior, but following with due diligence the teachings and the commandments within the Bible. This is something that is strongly hit upon within “Pilgrim’s Progress.”
When the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts it was from this point that this nation become dedicated to God as a Christian nation. This was this group’s reward for trying their best to follow the teachings within the Bible in their time period. Now this nation has strayed from its roots. Now more than any other time since its creation this nation is in jeopardy. This is all due to the fact that most no longer seek the correct path to perfection. They now see a path that appears to be the path to perfection, but it actually keeps them rooted here in this temporal reality. Not seeking after God, but after the fool’s gold of riches, luxuries and rewards here in this short and temporal life, with a serving of Jesus on the side.
This is not how the Bible says we are to live our lives. The true path to perfection goes through Jesus Christ with the teachings of the Bible and God at its core, with a serving of the world on the side.
Once you place the world, this temporal existence as your master, you have left the true path to perfection. This path is not a path but a highway that is not just well traveled, but is crowded to the point of a traffic jam.
The true path to perfection is both faith and works. The works that are clearly and plainly taught within the Bible. From following the speed limits to not living is sins, like homosexuality. These are things that are taught plainly and clearly. If you speed you sin, if you live in sin… well enough said there. Simply they are not on the path to perfection and it leads to the ultimate imperfection.
Follow the Bible and live a life that is both faith and works. Not faith alone, nor works alone, but both balanced for the glory of Jesus Christ and His Father our Creator God.

When those that think they are doing right when in reality, they are not

Here is one of the greatest challenges to any within humanity. Truly understanding if their actions are or ever would be considered “right.”
To have an understanding of this we must come to an agreement on what is “right.” Well for thousands of years there was such a document that did establish what is “right.”
For nearly fifteen hundred years those that were rich or had power knew the truth of what can be called “right.” Yet due to the infallibility of all humanity most fell prey to those sins and lusts that usually effect those that are rich and powerful. They desire more of both. Is this then what is “right?” in their minds they justified it to being so, yet in reality their actions for the majority were not right nor were they even close to being right.
Then this document came into mass circulation for even the most common of humanity to be able to read it.
They saw the corruption and sought, many times in vain to correct what was wrong with what was truly right.
Now we come to today’s society. Here we see those that protest the mistreatment of this group or that group. They take offence to how words are spoken. They take offence to how one group is treated differently in their eyes from another group. Is this the true pursuit of what is “right?” The answer to that is no. Yet if you say this you have automatically offended them and you are labeled the one who hates, when this is the furthest thing from the truth.
What is truly “right” can still be found within this document. This document is the Bible. This is where you can find what is “right.”
Then what is “right?”
It is the act of placing God at the center of all your actions and all your words. It is following the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is accepting Christ as your Savior and submitting ourselves to seeking after it till we are called to heaven that is what is truly “right.”
Yet there are many that will deny this and call people like myself, lunatic, mad man, and idiot.
Why? For this is not want they have been taught is “right.” They will strive to diminish and abolish what is “right,” for to them what is truly right is their freedom to live their lives as they see fit, no matter if it is acceptable to the “right” and the “norm” that has been established for thousands of years. For they have grown where those in the past of not grown, per them.
Yet if you read the Bible it is shown how many in the past that are considered to be sinners desired the exact some type of “right,” as they are seeking.
This in itself shows that they are not seeking after what is “right,” because it, in their eyes, is not the same unrighteousness as was born by those in the past.
Yet that is exactly what it truly is unrighteous.
You show them the truth, and they deny it, they reject it, why?
For to acknowledge it would mean they have hurt people in their selfish lusts and desires, they have hurt themselves. They fear that if what is truly “right” is righteous then they are doomed.
For they see no way out of being in the wrong.
Yet this is not what Jesus Christ promised us all. He have given us a way to seek after “right” and “righteousness” and it all lies through Him. All they need do is acknowledge Him and turn their backs upon unrighteousness, no matter its form. From living in sin to seeking after the destruction of others.
They must place God first in every action and every aspect of their lives for a failure to do so ends only in misery and agony that will last for all eternity.